Planet Skysat imagery of Mo'orea, a South Pacific island, part of French Polynesia's Society Islands archipelago on March 22, 2018 © 2018, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Professional Services: Helping Customers Unlock Their Full Potential


Today, Planet is launching Professional Services to help customers unlock the full potential of our products and tools.

With Professional Services, customers will be able to more easily navigate our platform and APIs, build applications to optimize return on investment, and integrate imagery into their tech stack more efficiently.

“Our goal at Planet is to make our data open to all industries, and Professional Services allows us to broaden our scope and see our data used in fresh, innovative ways,” says Thomas Harris, Director of Professional Services at Planet. “Our new program allows customers to engage with our products via hands-on learning experiences, making implementation even smoother for a wide variety of customers with varying expertise.”

Professional Services is an expansion of our Planet Launch Program announced in Spring 2019. Through this expansion, Planet offers more comprehensive and holistic professional services with myriad offerings to suit evolving customer needs.

“As organizations adopt geospatial data into their workflows, Planet is uniquely positioned to be a trusted advisor, allowing them to unlock the value of next generation geospatial data, save costs, and be a leader in the insights driven economy,” Harris says. “By leveraging Planet’s Professional Services, customers are able to easily integrate Planet products into their workflows.”

Started by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, Vulcan Inc. works to improve our planet through catalytic philanthropy, inspirational experiences, and scientific and technological breakthroughs. The Seattle-based company tackles some of the world’s toughest challenges by exploring innovative ideas and implementing creative solutions. Together, Vulcan Inc., Planet, Carnegie Institution for Science, University of Queensland, and the University of Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology launched the Allen Coral Atlas—a map of the entirety of the world’s shallow-water coral reefs in unprecedented detail.

“Our close collaboration with the Planet team has been critical to our project’s success. Their team has helped deliver the near-daily satellite imagery that has been instrumental in our efforts to demonstrate the scientific viability of our data processing and mapping methodologies,” says Charlie Whiton, Director of Product Management. “Together with our partners, we are mapping and will be monitoring the world’s corals at a new level of timeliness and detail that will allow more effective conservation and restoration interventions. This is an important project that contributes to our shared goal of using technology to solve our world’s biggest problems.”

The Professional Services program includes:

  • Launch Program: Onboards and educates customers on how to maximize ROI from adopting Planet’s platform, while also providing ongoing support and hands-on training
  • Architectural Workshop: Helps customers build a firm foundation to embark on large integration or Data Services projects
  • Training Program: Hands-on, expert-led training on how to use the Planet platform, with courses on how to integrate Planet data into your GIS, how to use Data API, Orders API, Tasking API, and Analytics API
  • Integrations: Provides customers with best practices and hands-on guidance for integrating the Planet platform into their infrastructure
  • Data Services: Experts work with customers to optimize high cadence data for their workflows.

Learn more about Professional Services by meeting with our experts in person at Explore 19, Planet’s first-ever user conference on October 15 and 16 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. Register for the event here.