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Flash Drought Hotspots: Iberian Peninsula


Authors: Ryder Kimball & Steve Levay Special thanks to: Max Borrmann, Arjan Geers, and Megan Zaroda The Mediterranean climate, once an alluring promise of balmy weather and picturesque sunshine, has adopted more alarming associations. Scorching temperatures and raging infernos this summer have prompted authorities to plead with residents to stay indoors during […]

Early Warning Systems: Monitoring the Oder River with EOMAP


In August 2022, news around the world reported on a mysterious environmental catastrophe which impacted the Oder River in Germany and Poland. Thousands of dead fish were found washed up along the river’s banks. Puzzling scientists and government officials across Europe, this disaster caused analysts to launch robust investigations. Using Planet satellite […]

Planet-led RapidAI4EO Consortium Releases One of the Largest Earth Observation Training Datasets for Machine Learning Applications 


In January of 2021, Planet set out to lead the RapidAI4EO consortium to advance state-of-the-art, continuous land monitoring applications throughout Europe. The initiative was awarded a competitive grant under the Horizon 2020 program to develop improved AI processes and provide critical training data for higher frequency updates of land use land cover. […]

How Planet Data Keeps the Ball Rolling for Sports Teams 


By: Tasha Gillotti and Thamires De Souza Ferreira Modern soccer pitches are more like patchwork quilts than traditional fields. Increasingly large, closed-off stadiums do not allow enough sunlight for grass to thrive naturally, so clubs grow it in nearby fields and retrofit it into their pitches.  But professional players can’t be expected […]

Measuring global streamflow with Planet’s satellite imagery


Blog article written by Stefanie Meier and Paula Fernández del Valle  Measuring streamflow in the world’s rivers and streams is vital to managing water for people, nature, and commerce. This is particularly critical in times of major floods and droughts, when impacts on people, infrastructure, and the economy can be enormous. As […]

Planet Partners Enable Sustainable Agriculture in Europe


In August, Planet announced its first three certified partners through our new Planet Orbit Certification Program, all of whom have a deep understanding of Planet data and are creating innovative solutions on our platform. These solutions are making it easier for users to process and use Planet data. In the last few […]

Monitoring sewage from space


How Earth observation and geospatial data can help tackle sewage and safeguard the environment. Last summer’s deluge in London dropped an equivalent of two month’s rain in just two hours, and those flash floods precipitated popped tops on manhole covers and sewage pollution warnings spanning from British streets to Welsh beaches.  A […]

Planet Satellite Imagery Brings Europe into Focus


As satellite imagery proves to be increasingly valuable across the globe, Planet continues to focus on Europe with timely event coverage and international partnerships, including ongoing projects in European countries across multiple vertical markets, as well as mapping with both commercial and government organizations. In September 2019, Planet partnered with the Food […]

How Satellite Data Can Help Create Smarter, Greener Cities


As announced earlier this year, Planet is once again partnering with Copernicus Masters, Europe’s leading innovation competition, to sponsor the See Change, Change the World challenge. The goal of the challenge is to find innovators interested in using Planet and Copernicus data to discover creative solutions to some of the world’s most […]