Manhatten, July 15, 2016

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R&D with Scientific Excellence: Stories from Planet’s EO Lab


When building our products and services here at Planet, we stay committed to both innovation and scientific excellence. Our company’s dedication to advancing scientific knowledge can be seen in the creation of Planet’s Earth Observation Lab (EO Lab), a dedicated team of Planeteers with the mission to support early stage product and […]

Flash Drought Hotspots: Southwestern United States


Authors: Ryder Kimball & Steve Levay Special thanks to: Max Borrmann, Arjan Geers, and Megan Zaroda This blog is part of a series on the effects of rapid dryness on regions around the globe. For an introduction to Planet’s approach, read this post. For those of us in the U.S., the very […]

Flash Drought Hotspots: Iberian Peninsula


Authors: Ryder Kimball & Steve Levay Special thanks to: Max Borrmann, Arjan Geers, and Megan Zaroda The Mediterranean climate, once an alluring promise of balmy weather and picturesque sunshine, has adopted more alarming associations. Scorching temperatures and raging infernos this summer have prompted authorities to plead with residents to stay indoors during […]

Drying Up in a Flash: What Satellite Data Can Tell Us about Flash Drought Risks and the Regions We Should Be Watching


Authors: Stephen Levay and Megan Zaroda Datasets generated and analyzed by Arjan Geers Visualizations by Max Borrmann  Special thanks to Richard De Jeu, Maarten Lambrechts, Ryder Kimball, and Yoann Malbeteau Worldwide, drought is arguably the largest overall antagonist farmers face. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the impact […]

Programs…Launched! Data Feeds…Released! All Systems Go at Explore 2023.


What an exhilarating ride we had today at Explore 2023! Our annual user conference, hosted in Washington, D.C., was stacked with thought leadership keynotes, customer and partner speaking events, and an Expo theater. With hundreds of individuals in the audience, the day began with a series of energizing keynotes from Planet co-founder […]

NASA Harvest: Larger wheat harvest in Ukraine than expected


Analysts at NASA Harvest have been tracking the impact to agriculture in Ukraine since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and their latest study (re-posted in full from NASA Earth Observatory below) shows that farmers have harvested 26.6 million tons of wheat in 2022 – several million tons higher than expected in […]

CornCaster: How Planet’s Yield Forecasting Solution is Helping Agriculturists and Economists Get Ahead of This Year’s Harvest


Data analysis and visualizations contributed by: Guyon Duifhuizen, Max Borrmann, and Rob Simmon This harvest season, global eyes are watching the United States’ agricultural yield reports with anticipation after fields around the world have been challenged by extreme weather, drought, heat waves, and political turmoil. The United States is the world’s largest […]

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