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Tracking Harvey, the Once-in-a-Millennium Storm


Hurricane Harvey may have faded from view, but we’re just beginning to understand how historic it really was. A new report from the National Hurricane Center, concludes that Harvey broke the record for the most rainfall from a tropical system – 50+ inches – and ranks as the second costliest storm in the nation’s history, with a price tag of $125 billion. Harvey is also the deadliest hurricane in the US since Sandy.

Today, we’re releasing our latest Insight, “Anatomy of a Catastrophe,” which helps place Harvey’s impacts into context and demonstrates the power of frequent satellite imagery for modeling risk and improving disaster preparedness and response. But imagery is only the beginning. By layering and analyzing additional external data, we get a clearer, more nuanced view of Harvey – transforming images into insights.


Anatomy of a Catastrophe: Using Imagery to Assess Harvey's Impact on Houston

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