Amaggi cotton fields in Brazil. © 2021, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved.
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Planet-AMAGGI Partnership to bring even more innovation to Brazilian Agriculture


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The digital revolution is transforming agriculture around the world, and Planet’s daily earth imaging is helping the industry gain precise data for informed decision-making. This month, we are thrilled to announce our newest agriculture customer, AMAGGI, a large Brazilian-based commodities company, specializing in producing and exporting cotton, soybeans, and corn. With Planet’s imagery, AMAGGI aims to obtain daily insights about their crops, enabling them to review past seasons and calibrate new algorithms for future growth. 

Within a total of 362 thousand hectares, AMAGGI has 154,000 cotton hectares under management during the crop season. Using PlanetScope images of these cotton fields, AMAGGI intends to create a data lake with current and archived images. Leveraging machine learning, this data can offer advanced analytics and be integrated into their existing shared digital platform and mobile app, Agro SIG. This can enable AMAGGI employees, including field staff and those in the supplying process, to have synchronized insights. 

Planet’s satellite data can help the AMAGGI identify and monitor the growth of invasive species, reduce time-intensive manual field checks, and manage product recommendations in near real-time. With these insights, they can analyze biomass and create timely alerts in the field. AMAGGI also looks to create an informed model to analyze cotton height by integrating Planet’s imagery with cross-referenced data points from five different sources. After implementing these solutions, the AMAGGI intends to measure their return on investment.

Core to AMAGGI’s future vision is an alignment with their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, including having a 100% tracked and monitored grain supply, free of deforestation and conversion by 2025. Leveraging Planet’s satellite data, the company looks to support these goals and increase sustainable management practices, including mitigating rework and enabling traceability and certification systems. With greater insights supplied by Planet and support provided by our local partner SCCON, AMAGGI hopes to support informed and responsible decision-making for years to come.