Long Beach Port, June 25, 2016

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Earth Day 2024


What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? We have no idea, to be honest, but we have a firm suspicion that the answers to these questions have to do with our one and only home: Earth. Planeteers star-gaze a lot (you have to when your satellite office is in orbit), […]

Flash Drought Hotspots: Iberian Peninsula


Authors: Ryder Kimball & Steve Levay Special thanks to: Max Borrmann, Arjan Geers, and Megan Zaroda The Mediterranean climate, once an alluring promise of balmy weather and picturesque sunshine, has adopted more alarming associations. Scorching temperatures and raging infernos this summer have prompted authorities to plead with residents to stay indoors during […]

Drying Up in a Flash: What Satellite Data Can Tell Us about Flash Drought Risks and the Regions We Should Be Watching


Authors: Stephen Levay and Megan Zaroda Datasets generated and analyzed by Arjan Geers Visualizations by Max Borrmann  Special thanks to Richard De Jeu, Maarten Lambrechts, Ryder Kimball, and Yoann Malbeteau Worldwide, drought is arguably the largest overall antagonist farmers face. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the impact […]

From ClimateWeek to COP27, COP15, and Beyond: Notes on the Road Ahead


Opinion World leaders, CEOs, climate advocates, scientists and sustainable development specialists from around the world converged on New York City last week, for the annual, concurrent rituals of the United Nations General Assembly and ClimateWeek. After a several years’-long lull, things were back with a bang – with more people, more meetings, […]

How the Climate Conversation Changed in 2021


This is the most important year for climate action since the Paris Climate Agreement was passed in 2015. National governments are strengthening their national climate action plans; companies, cities and communities are setting more ambitious targets; global financial markets are beginning to demand significant decarbonization; and the world is gearing up for […]

Taming Wildfires with Vegetation Management


Every year, wildfires consume millions of acres of land around the globe. Such fires triggered by a combination of electrical networks and extreme weather include the 100,277-hectare Lutz Creek fire in British Columbia, “Black Saturday” in Victoria, Australia, and the Camp Fire in California in November 2018, which destroyed over 150,000 acres, […]