Chin Lakes, Alberta Jun 06, 2015

Kazakhstan Leverages Planet Data for Agriculture, Resource Management, and Disaster Response

Spanning over a vast expanse of 2.7 million square kilometers, Kazakhstan stands as the world's largest landlocked country–a colossal landmass characterized by its diverse geography, ranging from bustling urban centers, to sprawling steppes and rugged mountain ranges. For authorities tasked…...

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Ensuring Sustainable Urban Development and Protecting Biodiversity with the Government of New South Wales

Earlier this year, the Australian government of New South Wales (NSW) designated $100 million towards housing development and biodiversity protection. This allocation is set to enhance the existing programs run by the government of NSW, such the Cumberland Plain Conservation…



Planet On The Road DC: Government Alignment, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, and International Collaboration

At Planet, we have a long history of working with the U.S. government, and this relationship lives at our roots. Over fourteen years ago, our founders all met while working at NASA where the idea of Planet ultimately came to…



On-Demand Demos: Planet Integrations in Action

See how near-daily imagery and analysis-ready datasets from Planet work within your existing GIS platforms in our collection of on-demand demos. Our continuously growing catalog of short video demonstrations are a great resource for learning how to supercharge your analysis…


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The Full Explore 2021 Agenda is Live! Register and Build a Custom Agenda

We’re only one month away from Explore 2021, and the full agenda is here! From precision agriculture to wildfire management to the future of sustainable supply chains, browse more than 45 sessions featuring more than 100 speakers to design a personal experience and make the most of this opportunity to build Global […]



Planet Expands Contract with NASA to Provide Data to All US Federal Civilian Agencies Researchers

We’re thrilled to announce today that NASA has again expanded Planet’s contract under their Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program, granting all U.S. Federal Civilian scientific researchers and National Science Foundation funded researchers, including their contractors and grantees, access to Planet data until September 2022. Planet recently entered into a definitive merger […]



Planet’s Data Used to Reveal Illicit Shipping Networks Delivering Fuel to North Korea in Violation of UN Sanctions

At Planet, we believe that making information accessible and transparent leads to greater global security and stronger political accountability. Thanks to invaluable partnerships, our satellite data is actively being used to shine a light on covert operations and illicit supply chain processes around the world. The Center for Advanced Defense Studies, otherwise […]



Powered by Planet Data, The Allen Coral Atlas Completes Its Mission to Comprehensively Map All of the World’s Coral Reefs from Space

Today marks a major milestone for global ocean science, management and biodiversity conservation. Utilizing more than two million Planet images, ground data collected from around the world, and advanced machine learning techniques, our partners at the Allen Coral Atlas, housed at Arizona State University, have now completed the first-ever, high-resolution spatial and […]



NICFI Tropical Forest Basemaps Now Available in Google Earth Engine

In an effort to enable greater impact from the NICFI Satellite Data Program, Planet has teamed up with Google to make high-resolution, tropical forest Basemaps available within the Earth Engine platform. This brings the power of Google’s cloud to the entire NICFI community to run analysis at regional and global levels to […]