Kashagan Oil Field, July 14, 2016

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Top Takeaways from the 2022 GEOINT Symposium


Planeteers recently participated in the largest annual gathering of the geospatial intelligence community at GEOINT Symposium 2022. This year’s conference theme was “The Foundation of Intelligence” – with many sessions focusing on the future of public-private partnerships as they relate to supporting national security missions.  Here are our top takeaways from the […]

Planet’s Data Supports Safe and Sustainable Mining Management


Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) is an international mining company that operates large copper, gold and molybdenum mines. In an effort to support its stated commitment to safety performance, environmental management, and local communities, FCX is using Planet data to monitor and maintain its operations.  Tailings are known as the by-product of mining operations, […]

Our Next-Generation Satellite Constellation Pelican Is Expected to Deliver Very-High-Resolution and Rapid-Revisit Capabilities


It’s another exciting day at Planet as we unveil details about our next-generation satellite constellation Pelican, designed to efficiently capture brief and rapidly changing events as they unfold!  The Pelican constellation was designed in-house and is expected to be built at our manufacturing facility in San Francisco. The advancements of this brand […]

The Observatory of Extractive Industries (OIE) Shines a Light on the Mining Industry Using Planet’s Satellite Data


Observatorio de Industrias Extractivas, or the Observatory of Extractive Industries (OIE) is a research platform dedicated to providing data on mining companies and other extractive industries in Guatemala. Through an interactive map-based platform, the organization provides critical datasets and official information to help generate reports on the actions of these industries. To […]

A Call for the United States Government to Lead International Efforts to Prohibit the Use of Debris-Creating Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASATs)


An open letter by Planet co-founders, Will Marshall and Robbie Schingler For the last ten years, Planet has raised concerns about the impact destructive anti-satellite weapons (ASATs) have on a healthy space ecosystem. ASATs threaten operations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), jeopardize astronauts’ safety, and risk destroying satellites that provide critical services […]

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