Industrial Infrastructure, July 5, 2016

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Early Warning Systems: Monitoring the Oder River with EOMAP


In August 2022, news around the world reported on a mysterious environmental catastrophe which impacted the Oder River in Germany and Poland. Thousands of dead fish were found washed up along the river’s banks. Puzzling scientists and government officials across Europe, this disaster caused analysts to launch robust investigations. Using Planet satellite […]

Measuring global streamflow with Planet’s satellite imagery


Blog article written by Stefanie Meier and Paula Fernández del Valle  Measuring streamflow in the world’s rivers and streams is vital to managing water for people, nature, and commerce. This is particularly critical in times of major floods and droughts, when impacts on people, infrastructure, and the economy can be enormous. As […]

Monitoring River Flushing and Hydropower from Space


There are innumerable dams around the world helping communities manage water supply, regulate flooding, and generate hydropower. However, dam and reservoir systems have to contend with excess sedimentation, like sand and gravel from floods or rivers that are deposited downstream into these systems. Sedimentation that settles in reservoirs can build up over […]