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The 2023 Planet Purpose Award Winners


Earlier this year we announced our second annual customer awards! The Planet Purpose Awards recognize and celebrate companies that are leading the way in the respective categories that align to Planet’s core values.  This year the theme is “From Transparency to Action.” While Planet believes transparency and accountability are critical to understanding […]

The Nature Conservancy and Planet Collaborate to Map Blue Carbon


Making Waves with Blue Carbon  Trace your finger across a globe, around the edges of islands and continents, and soon enough, you’ll brush against some of the world’s most important ecosystems – the marshes, mangroves, and seagrasses that constitute the world’s “coastal blue carbon” stocks. Beyond their role in storing carbon, these […]

Creating a memorable experience at Explore23


As Planet’s Chief Marketing Officer, I am incredibly excited to personally invite you all to Planet’s Explore23 Conference, happening April 12-13th in Washington, D.C.  While building out this conference with my team, I recently took a step back for reflection. Throughout my career, I have spent a great deal of time both […]

Measuring global streamflow with Planet’s satellite imagery


Blog article written by Stefanie Meier and Paula Fernández del Valle  Measuring streamflow in the world’s rivers and streams is vital to managing water for people, nature, and commerce. This is particularly critical in times of major floods and droughts, when impacts on people, infrastructure, and the economy can be enormous. As […]

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