Map of Aboveground Forest Carbon along the southern margin of the Amazon Rainforest. Yellow represents the highest levels of carbon, green and blue indicate progressively less carbon, while dark purple areas are not forested. © 2023, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved.
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Planet Accelerates Deployment of Forest Carbon Monitoring System


By: Robbie Schingler and Tara O’Shea

Planet’s founding mission is to use space to help life on Earth, and we’re excited to advance that goal by announcing our acquisition of Salo Sciences! Salo is a climate technology company that builds cutting-edge forest monitoring systems to measure Earth’s constantly changing ecosystems using artificial intelligence and multi-sensor Earth observation data. Planet plans to leverage Salo’s technologies to further develop our Planetary Variables offerings and help customers globally quantify and verify carbon stocks, monitor forest change, and mitigate climate risks.

Salo Sciences’ global data on forest carbon stocks reveals tree-level insights. Shown here in the Lens for Carbon platform through our partnership with Upstream Tech, these data provide detailed and timely monitoring of forest carbon projects.

Monitoring carbon stocks and emissions is critical to mitigating climate change, providing insight and accountability into the effectiveness of carbon drawdown strategies like tree planting and avoiding deforestation. We expect the high resolution insights provided by Salo’s technologies will also be critical to address a number of challenges facing supply chain and sustainable land use monitoring, bolstering the work Planet already supports in these areas. Leading partners and customers around the world are putting Planet’s data products and services to work in the following ways:

Planet is constantly working to bridge the gap between complex remote sensing science and real-world solutions. Integrating Salo’s technologies into our imagery and technology stack will help generate understanding of environmental changes at the scale of individual trees. By adding Forest Carbon to the catalog of Planetary Variables, including Soil Water Content, Land Surface Temperature, and Biomass Proxy data, Planet aims to expand its offerings of global analysis-ready data. 

Combining artificial intelligence with ecological models, Salo Sciences converts satellite data into precision insights on vegetation fuels and wildfire hazard.

In addition to forest carbon mapping, Salo brings technologies and expertise in mapping patterns of forest structure, wildfire risk, and biodiversity change around the world. Their products provide information for electric utilities by mapping where overhanging trees may strike power lines, for firefighting agencies working to mitigate catastrophic wildfire risks, and for land managers like the US Forest Service, who use Forest Observatory data to quantify shifts in species habitat that result from disturbances like logging, wildfires, and climate change.

By joining together as one team, we aim to enable our customers to account for the critical services that forests provide, and work to change economic incentives around land use to meet global climate and sustainability goals. We view Salo’s technologies as instrumental to the sustainable transition of the global economy and as a pivotal tool needed to scale and enable systematic measurements of critical data.  

For more information on Planetary Variables and how Salo will look to add data feeds that accurately measure important conditions on the surface of the Earth, please visit here.

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