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Planet Monitoring

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Planetary Variables

Quantify the changes in dynamic systems

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Planetary Variables: Quantifying a Changing  World

Combining observations from a range of satellite constellations, Planetary Variables deliver accurate, continuous, and scientifically rigorous data that measures the changing conditions of the surface of the Earth, every  day.

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Planetary Variables

Quantify Daily Change Across the  Globe

Water, temperature, vegetation. These are the elements that drive the changing conditions of our world. Now you can measure them from space – every day.

Planetary Variables render complex earth observation data from a range of constellations into actionable and accurate measurements, everywhere on the Earth’s landmass. Powered by state-of-the-art remote sensing techniques and honed by a team of award-winning scientists, Planetary Variables provide users robust, accurate measurement of the Earth’s surface.

Make better decisions across a range of industries with tools powered by consistent, daily observations, unhindered by cloud cover and backed by an archive that spans decades.


Daily observations of Soil Water Content across the globe at 100 meter resolution


Easy-to-implement, cloud-free Biomass Proxy data delivered daily at 10 meter resolution


Accurate, continuous insight into Land Surface Temperatures at 100 meter resolution

How It Works

Analysis-ready Satellite Data Powered by Industry-leading Expertise in Remote Sensing for Water, Soil, and Vegetation  Conditions

Planetary Variables data products are based on the scientific expertise of VanderSat, a team of scientists and remote sensing experts who developed advanced algorithms that process satellite data into usable information. Planet and VanderSat have joined forces to combine the best of commercial and public satellite data to provide clear and actionable information.

Drawing on optical and radar observations from the ESA Copernicus Sentinel Constellation, as well as passive microwave satellite data from NASA, ESA and JAXA satellites, this patented technology generates highly accurate and reliable observations that provide a more complete view into our food and water systems.

How It Can  Help

Powering Solutions By Measuring Changing Conditions on the Earth’s  Surface

May 1, 2021

Europe — Soil Water Content

Tracking Drought

Planet’s Soil Water Content data generates a reliable, objective measurement of the water content of the soils, anywhere on earth. By tracking conditions over years and decades, a baseline understanding of the Soil Water Content data is ideal to assess the impact of drought. In collaboration with the world’s most innovative reinsurers and brokers, Planet uses Soil Water Content data in 17 countries to help protect farmers from the impacts of drought. Drought index insurance:

  • Directly measures the water available to plants, instead of measuring rainfall, which can’t account for evaporation and runoff
  • Offers consistently high resolution driven by unique data downscaling and processing
  • Is based on more than 19 years of archival data, collected on a daily cadence
  • Forecasting Crop Yields

    Multiple years of data help provide a baseline to help calculate expected yields on a regional scale. By tracking key variables like water and temperature across a growing regions and correlating those measurements with key crops, Planet delivers reliable, accurate, and early predictions of yields for major grains and oilseeds like corn and soy. Planet also provides Planetary Variables as input data for crop models to forecast yield for commodity crops like cocoa and coffee. Planet’s yield forecasting offers:

  • High correlations between Planetary Variables data and crop yields
  • In-season forecasts that provide insights ahead of the rest of the market
  • Globally available uninterrupted time-series data derived from cloud-free satellite observations
  • Monitoring Crop Health and Optimizing Input  Efficiency

    With detailed, reliable and timely crop health data, Planet’s Biomass Proxy provides a straightforward, analysis-ready datastream. Cloud-free biomass data can help track crop health and provide an input for variable rate applications, and because of its consistency, it can support the identification of key events like harvesting or mowing. Ideal for farmers and the companies that serve them, Biomass Proxy data is:

  • Specifically designed for agriculture, pre-processed and analysis-ready to make satellite data more accessible and usable
  • Delivered daily so farmers don’t have to wait days or weeks for usable information, and so that models that rely on time-series data are more complete and accurate
  • Cloud-free and darkness proof, delivering reliable insights regardless of the weather
  • Water Resource Monitoring

    Near real-time Soil Water Content data helps monitor complex water systems by measuring current water levels to estimate water demand. With two decades of archive data, water resource managers can understand what’s normal and what’s not, tracking droughts, flooding, and the effects of interventions. Planet’s Soil Water Content data delivers:

  • Daily observation without interruption from clouds, helping models stay on top of current conditions
  • An archive extending back to 2002 to provide a baseline view everywhere on Earth
  • Accuracy on par with ground sensors, with better spatial resolution and no need for maintenance
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    Discover How Planetary Variables are Increasing Our Understanding of the World and Improving Life on  Earth

    Ready to learn how Planetary Variables can help  you?

    Planetary Variables make measuring the dynamic conditions of water, temperature, and vegetation more straightforward, with consistency and scientific rigor you can rely on. Equip your team with the right measurements to monitor conditions and build models.

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