San Francisco, October 22, 2015

planet Blog Posts

NASA JPL Imaging Spectrometer Ready for Tanager 1 Integration


Today we have an exciting update to report for the Tanager program – the imaging spectrometer, developed by NASA JPL, has been handed off to our team for integration onto our Tanager 1 hyperspectral satellite. This exquisite instrument will act as the “eye” of the satellite, allowing us to detect, pinpoint, and […]

Planet’s Commitment to Supporting Small Businesses


At Planet, we are passionate about empowering small businesses and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit. Small businesses play a vital role in economic growth and job creation, yet they often face challenges in scaling, navigating complex government procurements, and accessing capital. Recognizing the importance of supporting these engines of innovation, we will continue […]

Tramayne Whitney Joins Planet’s Executive Team as Chief People Officer


It’s my pleasure to welcome Tramayne “Trey” Whitney to the Planet team as our Chief People Officer (CPO). Planet represents a global and culturally diverse company and Trey’s advanced leadership in building cohesive teams will be instrumental as we continue to invest in our organizational health, and our most valuable asset, our […]

How Upstream Tech’s Lens Platform and Planet Imagery Help One Tree Planted Visualize The Future of Global Reforestation


If a tree grows in the forest, but nobody’s there to see it, does it justify widespread reforestation investments? That’s the conundrum One Tree Planted faced as its operations have rapidly expanded in the last few years. The organization helps local communities plant trees to restore habitat for biodiversity,  promote cleaner air, […]

Flash Drought Hotspots: Southwestern United States


Authors: Ryder Kimball & Steve Levay Special thanks to: Max Borrmann, Arjan Geers, and Megan Zaroda This blog is part of a series on the effects of rapid dryness on regions around the globe. For an introduction to Planet’s approach, read this post. For those of us in the U.S., the very […]

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