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From Transparency To  Action

Access over 10 recorded mainstage keynotes with Planet executives, industry leaders, and luminaries.

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NSGIC Annual Conference

Sep 24-29, 2023 | Louisiana

The NSGIC Annual Conference is the place to enhance geospatial excellence and collaboration for state, local, tribal, and federal GIS policymakers and coordinators, private sector partners and other leaders in the geospatial ecosystem.

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The Utility Expo

Sep 26-28, 2023 | Kentucky

The largest and fastest growing trade show in the utility industry.

National Insurance Conference of Canada

Sep 26-28, 2023 | Quebec

The National Insurance Conference of Canada addresses the many diverse and complex issues facing leaders of the Canadian property and casualty insurance sector.

InsurTech North

Sep 28, 2023 | Quebec

InsurTech North provides attendees with an essential avenue to connect with forward-thinking experts in all key sectors important to profitable long-term growth – incumbents, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, incubators, regulators and advisors.

Agile EO: Streaming Imagery From Sentinel Hub

Sep 28, 2023 | Webinar

Join us to discuss some of the benefits of Planet’s recent acquisition of Sinergise including how Planet imagery can be used in Sentinel Hub and how to easily stream Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services into GIS software.

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On-Demand Webinars

Agile EO Webinar Series

This series focuses on the latest and greatest product updates and roadmap insights, where you can get the most critical information in 20 minutes or less.

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Trees and Transparency: Scaling Forest Carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification

Join remote sensing, climate, and forest experts from Upstream Tech, Salo Sciences, and Planet Labs PBC for an engaging discussion on forest conservation, restoration, and the potential for remote sensing to contribute to this work.

Real-Time ISR Capabilities From Space, to the Cloud, and on the Ground

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions increasingly rely on real-time data, especially in places of political tension and power competition.

Casos de Uso de Datos Satelitales Diarios y de Alta Resolución Para Gobierno

Los datos diarios, globales y de alta resolución de Planet son el complemento perfecto para que los gobiernos y organismos públicos puedan monitorear y responder a los cambios que tienen lugar dentro y fuera de sus territorios, así como potencializar el uso de diversas fuentes de datos públicos y de campo, teniendo aplicaciones muy diversas y siendo potenciadores transversales de la transformación sostenible y digital que están experimentando los gobiernos. Conoce el innovador trabajo que están llevando a cabo gobiernos de todo el mundo con los datos de Planet, presentando una selección de casos de uso relevantes para América Latina.

Leveraging Satellite Data to Improve Climate Resilience

Join leaders as they discuss how public sector organizations can use satellite data to improve climate resilience for coastal bases, improve planning risk models, and support information exchange in emergency situations.


Planet Data for Sustainable Ag Science

Learn more about how sustainable farming practices can offer tangible benefits to individual farmers over time.

Planet for Disaster and Emergency Management

Learn more about how satellite data serves as a key input within the emergency management lifecycle across wildfire, drought, tornadoes, and flooding events.

Transforming the Energy Industry With Daily, Global Satellite Imagery

Explore the trends, technology, and use-cases of satellite imagery in the energy industry and see how daily, global imagery is helping companies with digital transformation and sustainability.

From Imagery to Data

Explore how leading agriculture companies can support farmers with data-driven crop management solutions to increase farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Understanding a New World of Water

Explore how satellite imagery is changing the way governments around the world, both large and small, monitor water to protect biodiversity and ensure the most equitable distribution of this precious resource.

Use Cases

Planet for Pipeline Operations

Pipeline operators face challenges to reduce operating costs, mitigate risks, all while ensuring impacts to the environment are minimized.  Planet can help with daily global imagery to identify important changes such as new structures, changing vegetation, and more.  Learn more about how Planet helps pipeline operators with environmental monitoring, risk mitigation, and emergency response. 

Monitoring Critical Infrastructure from Space With LiveEO

Maintaining a cleared right-of-way is important for operating electric transmission lines, pipelines, and rail networks. Planet enables frequent high resolution monitoring of these assets to enable operators to manage risks such as vegetation encroachment. LiveEO, a Planet partner, has built a power platform for delivering automated insights into vegetation along linear corridors for encroachment, cutback auditing, tree vitality, and tree species - all critical factors for any vegetation management plan.

Easy, Efficient Forest Project Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification

Lens for Carbon provides an easy, efficient workflow leveraging Planet data for accessing and analyzing forest project attributes and generating clear and transparent reports. Learn more about cutting edge forest monitoring solutions.

QuickStart Program for State and Local Government

New challenges are emerging for State & Local Governments that require novel solutions. More program managers and GIS professionals are adopting satellite data as a key input for natural resource management and change detection.

Satellite Remote Sensing for Mining Facility Management

Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) has a strong commitment to safety performance, environmental management, and local communities where it operates. It is committed to zero catastrophic failures or unplanned discharges from its Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs). New remote sensing technologies play an important role in meeting this goal and help the Tailings, Crushed Leach and Water (TCLW) team make the right decisions while monitoring TSFs efficiently, holistically, and safely.


Planet Data for Sustainable Agriculture

Planet Monitoring for Transportation and Infrastructure

QuickStart for State and Local Government

PlanetScope's 8 Spectral Bands

Planet Support to Criminal Investigations


Explore 2023

Access over 10 recorded mainstage keynotes with Planet executives, industry leaders, and luminaries.

Equipment Failure Demo With Red Edge

Misty Tucker, Planet's Global Industry Principal for Agriculture, demonstrates how Planet\'s next-generation PlanetScope Monitoring can provide more robust insights when monitoring fields. In this video, Misty shares an example from an aerial survey over Illinois and shows how data from the new Red Edge band can help detect vegetation stress earlier, more finely, and more consistently through the year than NDVI.

Planet for Agriculture

Hear from Planet\'s agriculture customers and partners on how they use Planet data to act on the most current and complete ag insights across every region and season, understand changes in vegetation from preseason to harvest and farm more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably with continuous field coverage.

Planet: Bringing Space Back Down to Earth

Planet is the leading provider of global, near-daily satellite imagery data and insights. Planet is driven by a mission to capture global images daily, and make global change visible, accessible and actionable. Planet designs, builds, and operates the largest earth observation fleet of satellites, and provides the online software, tools and analytics needed to deliver data to users.

Planet Monitoring

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