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Global Monitoring, Daily  Insight

Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

Planet Tasking

Rapid revisit, global intelligence

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics

Planetary Variables

Quantify the changes in dynamic systems

Planet Hyperspectral

Helping various industries see the unseen

Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

Planet Platform

Automated, scalable, API-first


Insights for your  industry

Accelerate your time to  value



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Upcoming Events

2022 Pacific GIS&RS Users Conference and FOSS4G SotM

Nov 28-Dec 2, 2022 | Fiji

The conference will be back for a full week: 4 days of international conference and 1 day dedicated to workshops. This year's theme is “Use of Digital Platforms, GIS and Remote Sensing to anticipate and manage impacts of Global Warming“.

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Natural Disasters Asia Expo

Dec 7-8, 2022 | Singapore

Natural Disasters Expo Asia: A Collection of shows running alongside each other to highlight solutions to Earth's Natural Disasters held in Singapore

UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15)

Dec 7-19, 2022 | Canada

The UN Biodiversity Conference will convene governments from around the world to agree to a new set of goals for nature over the next decade through the Convention on Biological Diversity post-2020 framework process.

AGU Fall Meeting

Dec 12-16, 2022 | Illinois

AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting is the most influential event in the world dedicated to the advancement of Earth and space sciences. Every year, AGU Fall Meeting convenes >25,000 attendees from 100+ countries to share research and network.

VISION Conference

Jan 17-18, 2023 | Arizona

The VISION Conference is the only event where North America’s precision agriculture and digital farming industry ecosystem meets to address emerging technology and data trends that will transform agribusiness.

On-Demand Webinars

Real-Time ISR Capabilities From Space, to the Cloud, and on the Ground

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions increasingly rely on real-time data, especially in places of political tension and power competition.

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Casos de uso de datos satelitales diarios y de alta resolución para Gobierno

Los datos diarios, globales y de alta resolución de Planet son el complemento perfecto para que los gobiernos y organismos públicos puedan monitorear y responder a los cambios que tienen lugar dentro y fuera de sus territorios, así como potencializar el uso de diversas fuentes de datos públicos y de campo, teniendo aplicaciones muy diversas y siendo potenciadores transversales de la transformación sostenible y digital que están experimentando los gobiernos. Conoce el innovador trabajo que están llevando a cabo gobiernos de todo el mundo con los datos de Planet, presentando una selección de casos de uso relevantes para América Latina.

Uso de imagens PlanetScope na pesquisa agropecuária

Conheça como as imagens satelitais da constelação PlanetScope melhorou a capacidade de monitoramento de sistemas de integração lavoura-pecuária (ILP), uma abordagem pioneira para garantir sustentabilidade econômica e ambiental na produção agropecuária.

Leveraging Satellite Data to Improve Climate Resilience

Join leaders as they discuss how public sector organizations can use satellite data to improve climate resilience for coastal bases, improve planning risk models, and support information exchange in emergency situations.

Nueva generación PlanetScope: Imágenes satelitales diarias de 8 bandas

En este Webinar imágenes de 8 bandas, examina las últimas mejoras en la calidad de la imagen, la nueva herramienta de armonización y un nuevo análisis de las bandas espectrales adicionales, por medio de algunos casos de uso en Latinoamérica.

Nova Geração PlanetScope: Imagens satelitais diárias de 8 bandas

Webinar imagens de 8 bandas, explora as últimas melhorias de qualidade da imagem, a nova ferramenta de harmonização e uma nova análise das bandas espectrais adicionais por meio de alguns casos de uso na América Latina.

Hochfrequente 8-Band Satellitendaten zur Erkennung von schädlichen Algenblüten in Gewässern

In diesem Webinar demonstrieren Planet und EOMap, wie Satellitendaten den Ausbruch schädlicher Algenblüten besser vorhersagen, Reinigungsmaßnahmen schneller koordiniert werden können und so das Wasserqualitätsmanagement verbessert wird.

Boosting Carbon Farming With Earth Observation Technologies

Learn about ongoing developments of the Horizon2020 project AgriCaptureCO2, as well as opportunities and challenges of using satellite-based monitoring as a means to optimise resource use at a farm level, to speed up the roll-out of carbon farming and the generation of carbon credits. This webinar was a part of EU Green Week 2022 partner events.

Leveraging Planet Data Through the ESA Earthnet Programme: Predicting Crop Yields in Malawi

`Learn how Planet monitors up to 90% of the Earth's land mass everyday with full coverage everywhere in the world and ways to access Planet data through efficient delivery methods.`

Enhanced Vegetative Health Maps from Satellite Imagery Using the Red Edge Band

Next-Generation Technologies to Improve Image Quality and Accuracy From enhanced vegetation maps using the red edge band to improved image quality for analysis over time, see how innovation in space will help farmers in the field. Topics discussed include: Improved image quality for analysis over time The advantages of vegetation maps using the red edge band The role of professional advisors to empower your team’s success How to obtain advanced analytics and support Speakers: Stephanie Giard, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Agriculture Misty Tucker, Global Industry Principal - Agriculture

Quantifying wide area tornado damage with Planet imagery

Join Planet Federal to gain a better understanding of how Planet’s daily, ‘always-on’ satellite constellation provides analysts with a unique toolset to determine the scope of tornadoes and other natural disasters shortly after their impact to provide timely insights for emergency management.

Introducing Next-Generation PlanetScope 8-band Imagery

In this webinar, you will learn how to search and download 8-band imagery through the Planet Platform, recent image quality enhancements & the new harmonization tool and perform new analysis with the additional spectral bands. Join us and learn we leverage multi-spectral imagery through Planet’s ArcGIS Pro and QGIS integrations.

Predicting, Monitoring, and Analyzing Wildfires With Planet Data

In this webinar, you will learn how Planet data can help determine solutions for wildfires during all stages of fire emergency management response, including pre-fire assessment, active fire monitoring, and post-fire recovery. These fire management tools can be integrated into broader applications, including other data sources, to help form clear insights for direct fire response efforts.

Making Energy Management More Efficient with Planet Solutions

`In this short webinar, we’ll be discussing some examples of the key ways in which Planet enables more efficient operations and management of businesses, ultimately providing value and delivering positive business outcomes to our customers in the Canadian energy industry.`

Next-Generation Use Cases of Remote Sensing Data for Agriculture

Researchers and scientists are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for agriculture, especially when it comes to Earth observation. Advances in satellite technology parallel those in crop modeling, big data, and machine learning, opening up a range of capabilities for farmers and the organizations that serve them.

Leveraging Satellite Data to Build Credibility and Value with Growers

Farmers and agronomists are constantly testing new products, technologies, and management practices. It can be cumbersome to gather unbiased and consistent intelligence on how each of these experiments turns out, however, and yield data alone can’t capture the full story of what went on in the field. Satellite data can fill in those gaps and even provide insight before harvest.

NSGIC Fireside Chat with Planet and State of Alaska: Improving Statewide Collaboration for Broader Access to Satellite Data

Near-daily, high-resolution satellite imagery enables state and local governments to perform key before-and-after analysis and land management. Hear from the State of Alaska to learn how data acquisition at different state level entities can help breakdown silos and make data more widely available so governments can provide more transparent and responsive services.

Monitoring Nuclear and Mining Facilities with 3D Terrain Generation

Join experts from Planet Federal and BAE Systems in this joint webinar to gain a better understanding of how Planet’s daily, always-on satellite constellation, combined with the BAE Systems GXP software ecosystem, provides analysts with a unique toolset to find early indications of activity that enables timely intelligence and business decisions.

Dive Deeper into Planet Imagery Using Spectral Indices

Gain deeper insight from Planet imagery and enhance your organization’s workflows using spectral indices. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand what spectral indices are, how they can be utilized within Planet Explorer and other integration workflows, and how they can support your mission sets.

Nuevas Aplicaciones de Datos Satelitales en Agricultura

Este webinar explora cómo los datos satelitales diarios permiten el desarrollo de nuevos casos de uso para un manejo y monitoreo agrícola más preciso y eficiente.

Making Forest Management More Efficient with Planet Solutions

Planet discusses and demonstrates examples of the key ways in which we provide value and enable positive business outcomes to our customers in the Canadian forest management and wood products industry.

Simplify Your Workflow with Hosted Data

With hosted data in Planet Explorer, users can easily visualize full-resolution, spectral data without managing data pipelines and hosting infrastructure. Learn how to work with full bit-depth pixels and spectral data in Planet\'s web-apps and supported platforms like GEE.

Using Satellite Imagery to Guide Natural Disaster Recovery

As climate change accelerates, and natural disasters become more frequent and severe, there is a growing need for governments, companies, and nonprofits to have a clear understanding of what is happening on the ground.

Digital & Agriculture: Towards A Coming of Age

Learn how Planet and Solinftec are partnering to deliver data to drive efficiency across the agriculture industry.

Decoupling Deforestation from Commodities Production

Join us for this on-demand webinar as speakers from Planet, KSAT, Tropical Forest Alliance, Unilever, and AidEnvironment discuss how high-resolution satellite monitoring is helping to reduce pressure on forests from global markets.

Sea Through the Noise: Planet and Windward

Learn how our partner Windward is using daily Planet imagery to monitor and track suspicious activities at sea

Virtual Panel: Current and Future Needs for Emergency Prevention, Response and Recovery Mapping

During this panel we talked about Earth Observation data\'s role in emergency prevention, response and recovery mapping in the context of Copernicus Emergency Management Services and other emergency services.

Optimize Palm Oil Plantation Management & Sustainable Growth with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Learn how Planet’s high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery provides the most current and complete solution for monitoring palm oil plantations in clear and cloudy regions

Introducing Planet Basemaps for Middle East

Planet Basemaps, the most recent, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics for monitoring change over broad areas

Solving Australia’s Problems Using Agile Aerospace from Planet

Global imagery and foundational analytics will empower informed, deliberate, and meaningful stewardship of our planet.

Use Planet Data to Understand Patterns of Life on Earth

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, a Professor at Middlebury Institute discusses his recent findings with Planet’s imagery.

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020

Land Use and Digital Agriculture: Data-Based and Nature-Based Solutions 

Ask Me Anything Webinar Africa

Rapid Revisit, High Resolution Data from Planet

Ask Me Anything Webinar Europe

Rapid Revisit, High Resolution Data from Planet

Ask Me Anything Webinar Middle East

Rapid Revisit, High Resolution Data from Planet

Ask Me Anything Webinar DACH

Rapid Revisit, High Resolution Data from Planet

Planet\'s Virtual Roundtable: Understand Your Changing World

Join Planet and Esri as we discuss how icustomers use high-frequency satellite imagery in Esri GIS platforms

A New Paradigm in Rapid Revisit Global Intelligence

Bring agility to your organization with the latest advances in high-resolution tasking.

Safeguarding Public Assets with High Frequency Planet SkySat Imagery

Learn how Vassar Labs together with Odisha Space Application Centre (ORSAC) leveraged Planet’s high-frequency satellite imager

Observing COVID-19 Impacts from Space

Webinar with Kayrros - Assess commercial activity and recovery

Planet Helps San Diego Gas & Electric Monitor Vegetation Health

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) works with Planet to manage risk of wildfires during the dry season.

Protecting Public Lands with High-Frequency Satellite Imagery

Joint Webinar with the New Mexico State Land Office

50cm Update Webinar

The Engineering & Innovation Behind Lowering a Satellite Constellation

Unleash the Value of Rapid Revisit High Resolution Satellite Solutions

SkySat Basics Webinar for APJ

Regional Webinar: Introduction to Basemaps for Asia Pacific

Learn About Traditional Imagery Mosaics and How New Capabilities are Changing the Game

Regional Webinar: Introducción a los Basemaps de Planet en Latinoamérica

Aprender sobre los mosaicos de imágenes tradicionales y cómo las nuevas capacidades están cambiando las industrias.

Kayrros Right-of-Way Monitoring Powered by Planet Data

Protect Key Infrastructure in Times of Uncertainty

SkySat Basics Webinar

Get the Basics on High Resolution Data with Planet SkySat

ESRI Webinar

Esri and Planet gives you the power to collect, process, analyze, manage, and share imagery.

Forestry How-to Webinar Series

Monitor your forests with high frequency, global imagery

Introducing Planet Basemaps

Analysis-Ready Mosaics for Monitoring Change

Introducing Planet Analytic Feeds

Transform imagery into insights with Planet Analytic Feeds

Swift Geospatial Webinar

Joint webinar with Planet & Swift Geospatial

Kayrros Webinar

Amplify your knowledge of the Energy Commodities Value Chain


Planet Data for Sustainable Ag Science

Learn more about how sustainable farming practices can offer tangible benefits to individual farmers over time.


Learn more about how satellite data serves as a key input within the emergency management lifecycle across wildfire, drought, tornadoes, and flooding events.


Explore the trends, technology, and use-cases of satellite imagery in the energy industry and see how daily, global imagery is helping companies with digital transformation and sustainability.


Explore how leading agriculture companies can support farmers with data-driven crop management solutions to increase farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability.


Explore how satellite imagery is changing the way governments around the world, both large and small, monitor water to protect biodiversity and ensure the most equitable distribution of this precious resource.


Learn how advancing satellite imaging and analytic technologies are helping forward-thinking insurance providers reimagine risk analysis, pricing, and claims.


The energy industry is at the cusp of a transformation led by growth in renewables and technology advancements. Learn how insights from high-cadence satellite imagery are enabling energy operators to develop a true sense of what’s happening on the ground.

Monitor your forests with high cadence data

Today\'s forest stakeholders face a variety of challenges from rapidly changing environmental factors to human-led industrial activity. With new technologies and increasingly sophisticated techniques to process this data, forest operators are entering a new paradigm of managing their assets.

Empowering Civil Government with Satellite Imagery

Improve the level of service to your communities with Planet’s high-frequency, broad-area monitoring solution for State and Local Government. Improve your management of land, enforcement of law, and protection of people.

Use Cases

Easy, Efficient Forest Project Monitoring, Reporting, & Verification (MRV)

Lens for Carbon provides an easy, efficient workflow leveraging Planet data for accessing and analyzing forest project attributes and generating clear and transparent reports. Learn more about cutting edge forest monitoring solutions.

QuickStart Program for State & Local Government

New challenges are emerging for State & Local Governments that require novel solutions. More program managers and GIS professionals are adopting satellite data as a key input for natural resource management and change detection.

Satellite Remote Sensing for Mining Facility Management

Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) has a strong commitment to safety performance, environmental management, and local communities where it operates. It is committed to zero catastrophic failures or unplanned discharges from its Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs). New remote sensing technologies play an important role in meeting this goal and help the Tailings, Crushed Leach and Water (TCLW) team make the right decisions while monitoring TSFs efficiently, holistically, and safely.

Monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms from Space

Learn how EOMAP leverages Planet data in their predictive HAB indicator to deliver quantitative analyses and insights into the hands of decision-makers before HABs spread out of control.

Monitoring Threats to Wildlife and Ecosystems

Learn how FZS leverages Planet data to prove the presence of threatening activity to local law enforcement and protected area agencies so they can take action.

Tackling Deforestation in Cambodia

Learn how Planet\'s satellite data, along with a "tip and cue" strategy, help Amnesty International identify and stop environmental abuses before they irreversibly harm people and the ecosystem.

Resolving Inconclusive Parcels in Slovenia with Planet Fusion

Learn more about how a Slovenian National Paying agency is using Planet Fusion to resolve inconclusive parcels.

Estimating Volume Changes for Floodplain Harvesting in New South Wales, Australia

Learn more about how New South Wale\'s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is leveraging Planet data to help with water resource management.

Prevent Potential Crop Damage and Preserve Revenue with Satellite Data

Learn how the imagery could have triggered an action to prevent yield loss.

Detecting and Eradicating Invasive Grass Affecting Pasture and Ranch Land

Once invasive plants become established, they can dominate a landscape – creating monocultures and destroying wildlife habits.

Sustainable Business Report

Hear what Planet’s take is on business accountability in an age of greenwashing in the 2021 Sustainable Business Report published by The Times

Satellite Imagery for the Government of Malaysia

Discover how Planet’s near-daily temporal imagery cadence and datasets provide an objective source of truth for the Government of Malaysia.

Planet Imagery for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring

Forest and land resource managers are tasked with monitoring hundreds of acres of land that require routine inspections to understand the health and productivity of their assets. But manual field inspections take time, especially in areas of rough terrain and require expensive labor to complete. To protect their forests from disease and degradation, managers need to identify changes in a timely manner.

Building a sustainable vegetation management approach by applying AI

Every year, wildfires consume millions of acres of land around the globe. While a variety of factors contribute to wildfire ignition, the increasing climate crisis coupled with electric assets has led to some of the most damaging wildfires globally.

The California Forest Observatory

The increasing frequency, intensity, and destruction of wildfires has augured a new chapter in our history – the “Age of the Megafire” – with the state of California as a key witness to the deadly impacts.

Protecting Natural Heritage Areas with Satellite Imagery

How Geocento helped Ireland’s National Parks & Wildlife Service monitor and Conserve Raised Bogs with Planet Data

Linking Ground and Space Systems To Autonomously Assess Wildfires

A Case Study with The Moore Foundation, Moraga-Orinda Fire District, and UC Berkeley

Planet Satellite Imagery and Services for the Australian Government

Planet’s data is already helping governments around the world improve their security and surveillance capabilities, in addition to supporting environmentally responsible and sustainable economies.


Led by consultation from Interpine, Pan Pac automated the collection and reporting on clearfell areas by using high frequency, 3.7 meter PlanetScope imagery. This resulted in significant time and cost savings for their team, streamlined workflows for end of month and year-end reporting, and improved data accuracy.


The New Mexico State Land Office utilized Planet’s daily Earth imagery to achieve greater compliance, protect natural resources, and generate revenue for the vital public institutions that they support.

Proactive Forestry Management: Fostering Resilience Against Emerging Threat

In this brief, you’ll learn how forestry companies globally have begun pioneering the use of advanced technologies to improve forest management.

Natural Resource Management in Australia

The state of Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) manages a vast territory encompassing farmland, forest, and coastal areas that are abundant in resources and services. Leveraging Planet Monitoring, DNRM can monitor land cover and land use change on a frequent basis at scale, enabling them to make more proactive decisions about stewardship and policy.

FMI Disease Monitoring Case Study

STOPPING BEETLE DEVASTATION IN THE FORESTS OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC: How FMI leveraged Planet imagery to locate 16,000 hectares of timber damage and inform forest policy change


Monitoring Permitted Cannabis Operations & Enforcement on Unpermitted Cultivation with Satellite Imagery


Planet Data for Sustainable Agriculture

Planet Monitoring for Transportation & Infrastructure

QuickStart for State & Local Government

PlanetScope's 8 Spectral Bands

Planet Support to Criminal Investigations

Tip & Cue for Defense and Intelligence

Planet Constellation Provides Innovation and Resilience

Planet Science Applications

Planet Science & Programs Application

Planet and ESRI

Pelican Datasheet

Planet Fusion Monitoring

US State & Local Buyer\'s Guide

Analytic Feeds Change Detection

Google Earth Engine Integration

Planet at a Glance

Planet Tasking Overview

Planet Monitoring Overview

Planetscope Solutions Overview

Product Spec Developer Content

Planet Analytic Feeds Overview

Analytic Feeds: Road Detection

Analytic Feeds: Building Detection

Analytic Feeds: Vessel Detection

Analytic Feeds Performance Factsheet

Planet Basemaps Overview

Surface Reflectance Basemaps Overview

Surface Reflectance Basemaps Technical Overview

Planet Basemaps Product Specification

Planet Archive Overview

Planet Monitoring for Agriculture

Planet for Civil Government

Planet for Emergency Management

Planet for Defense & Intelligence

Planet for Forestry

Planet for Timber Harvesting

Planet for Education & Research

Professional Services Overview

Partner Program Overview

ESRI ArcGIS Integration


Equipment Failure Demo with Red Edge

Misty Tucker, Planet\'s Global Industry Principal for Agriculture, demonstrates how Planet\'s next-generation PlanetScope Monitoring can provide more robust insights when monitoring fields. In this video, Misty shares an example from an aerial survey over Illinois and shows how data from the new Red Edge band can help detect vegetation stress earlier, more finely, and more consistently through the year than NDVI.

Planet for Agriculture

Hear from Planet\'s agriculture customers and partners on how they use Planet data to act on the most current and complete ag insights across every region and season, understand changes in vegetation from preseason to harvest and farm more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably with continuous field coverage.

Explore2020 is Coming in October!

Explore is Planet’s second annual conference, and while we’ll be online this year, the goals are still to bring together industry thought leaders, customers, partners, end users, and developers for two days of learning and conversation. Check out some highlights from Explore 2019.

Planet: Bringing Space Back Down to Earth

Planet is the leading provider of global, near-daily satellite imagery data and insights. Planet is driven by a mission to capture global images daily, and make global change visible, accessible and actionable. Planet designs, builds, and operates the largest earth observation fleet of satellites, and provides the online software, tools and analytics needed to deliver data to users.

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