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On-Demand Webinars

ESRI Webinar

Esri and Planet gives you the power to collect, process, analyze, manage, and share imagery.

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Forestry How-to Webinar Series

Monitor your forests with high frequency, global imagery

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Introducing Planet Basemaps

Analysis-Ready Mosaics for Monitoring Change

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Precision Ag Insights from Frequent Imaging

Harvest, earn, feed more – with less. This is the challenge of every farming operation. Learn how insights from frequent satellite imagery are fueling smart farming practices at every stage of the crop cycle.

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Learn how advancing satellite imaging and analytic technologies are helping forward-thinking insurance providers reimagine risk analysis, pricing, and claims.

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The energy industry is at the cusp of a transformation led by growth in renewables and technology advancements. Learn how insights from high-cadence satellite imagery are enabling energy operators to develop a true sense of what’s happening on the ground.

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Monitor your forests with high cadence data

Today's forest stakeholders face a variety of challenges from rapidly changing environmental factors to human-led industrial activity. With new technologies and increasingly sophisticated techniques to process this data, forest operators are entering a new paradigm of managing their assets.

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Empowering Civil Government with Satellite Imagery

Improve the level of service to your communities with Planet’s high-frequency, broad-area monitoring solution for State and Local Government. Improve your management of land, enforcement of law, and protection of people.

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Use Cases


Using PlanetScope as their primary dataset, the Forest Management Institute in the Czech Republic undertook a comprehensive geospatial analysis and created a national, public portal for forest stakeholders to assess and respond to the current bark beetle epidemic. Leveraging this imagery, FMI were able to locate 16,000 hectares of timber damage- worth EUR 200m - and inform forest policy change.

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Natural Resource Management in Australia

The state of Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) manages a vast territory encompassing farmland, forest, and coastal areas that are abundant in resources and services. Leveraging Planet Monitoring, DNRM can monitor land cover and land use change on a frequent basis at scale, enabling them to make more proactive decisions about stewardship and policy.

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Regular harvest monitoring in South Africa

Learn how Swift Geospatial is leveraging near-daily Planet imagery to create proprietary dashboards providing quantitative GIS analysis on timber harvests and plantation health.

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