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Optimize Broad Area Management with Planet Insights  Platform

Harness the power of multidimensional Earth insights to look broader with daily monitoring, back in time with a living archive, closer with high-resolution tasking, and deeper with derived data.

Learn about broad area management in our e‑book, Driving Program and Policy Effectiveness With Planet


Government bodies around the globe make better decisions, reduce operational risk, and save money with Planet

Accessible, Reliable, Real-Time Coverage Over Any Area Of Interest On  Earth

Planet combines analysis-ready data, analytics, and tools with publicly available Earth data. This provides a multidimensional view that enables you to react quickly to novel threats, operate across ecosystems and improve resource utilization.

Always-On Monitoring

A near-daily scan over Earth’s landmass and strategic waterways to increase observability.

High-Resolution Tasking

Enhanced 50 cm ortho spatial resolution images with the highest intraday revisit capability available.

Living Archive

7+ year daily archive to observe change backward in time over broad areas.

Accurate Measurement

Science-based measurements to quantify change and create statistical models.

Automation and Alerting

Automated change detection and alerts to identify unexpected events across countries.

Multidimensional Insights

Get a Dynamic, Connected View of Your Governance  Areas

Planet Insights Platform is the all-in-one place where you can use comprehensive analysis-ready data products, analytics, and tools to get early insights that drive impactful policy and program decisions.

  • Centralize your Earth data & analytics
  • Increase observation capacity
  • Scale and expedite analysis
  • Distribute insights across environments

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With the Planet Insights Platform, we have all the data in one platform and this allows us to extract the data we need very quickly, whenever we need it. We can go back in time as far as we have the data...The Planet Insights Platform made it easy for us to access the data, build models, and scale them up  quickly.


Senior Earth Observation Specialist at the Rural Payments Agency


Expand your vantage point by monitoring geographically dispersed locations, from cities to continents.


Go back in time to understand unforeseen events or establish baselines of activity.


Inspect events and activities in greater detail, characterizing change or attributes.


Measure changing phenomena over time, even when it is indiscernible to the naked eye.

If you're ready to discuss how Broad Area Management with Planet Insights Platform can help you make better decisions, reduce risk, and save money — click here to reach out to our sales  team.

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