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Planet for U.S. Armed  Services

Increase capacity, pace, and coverage over broad areas. Planet helps armed forces reduce operational risks and detect novel threats early with high-frequency global-scale monitoring and change detection.

Learn about the latest improvements to our rapid revisit Tasking capabilities

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Planet Broad Area Monitoring and  Analytics

In an era defined by global competition, maintaining a comprehensive, timely view of activities across vast areas is tantamount.

Planet broad area monitoring and analytic solutions reduce operational risk by supporting early detection of novel threats.

Combining high-frequency imagery with AI-powered change detection, Planet solutions for armed forces help deliver strategic indicators and warnings across geographically dispersed areas.

Increase Capacity

Gain visibility into issues affecting multiple countries with high-cadence, global data and a living archive.

Get Early Indicators

Get early signals and warnings across broad geographies with AI-powered change detection.

Achieve Faster Response

Accelerate response to novel threats by establishing baselines of activity.


Improving Coverage, Pace, and Capacity for U.S. Armed  Forces

Planet brings together broad area monitoring, high-resolution tasking, and analytics to support improve situational awareness, planning, and operational decisions across multiple regions. Decision-makers can efficiently conduct broad search and change detection with help from advanced analytics.

Foundational GEOINT

Get consistent, reliable baseline information with monthly or weekly basemaps and high-resolution imagery.

General Military Intelligence

Detect and assess strategic capabilities, infrastructure, and adversarial intent, from specific sites to regions.

Operational Planning Support

Gain visibility into operations with broad area monitoring and a living archive of data to establish context.

Maritime Domain Awareness

Analyze anomalous activity in strategic waterways with AI-powered identification, attribution, and tracking.

Disaster and Emergency Response

Model risk and assess damage with global-scale, high-cadence monitoring and rapid revisit tasked imagery.


Planet’s proven ability to provide immediate answers to critical questions concerning enemy force dispositions, actions, and intentions gave [our] forces an exploitable advantage over the  enemy.

Operational Unit

U.S. Military


Global, Evidence-based Maritime Domain  Awareness

Planet’s high-frequency data and living archive enables new approaches to maritime domain awareness, which historically have been restrained by limited coverage, inefficient manual processes, and complexity fusing data.

Daily coverage of strategic waterways and oceans, aided by a living archive of imagery, ensure both timely and retrospective analysis. When paired with advanced analytics, operational decision makers also have access to automated detection, attribution, and tracking of vessels. This not only speeds response, but also improves visibility into illicit activity and dark ships.

SynMax processes more Planet three-meter imagery of the Red Sea, Bab el-Mandeb, and Gulf of Aden than any other intelligence provider, empowering Theia’s AI to automatically identify and attribute vessels of interest amidst thousands of detections.


User-Driven Enhancements to Planet  Tasking

Learn about the latest improvements to Planet Tasking products that have improved image quality, accelerate delivery, and increase reliability of capture.

Planet Monitoring

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