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Data Driven Precision Agriculture with  Planet

Planet’s high-resolution, high frequency satellite solutions provide the critical insights necessary for productive, profitable, and sustainable  farming.

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Precision agriculture powered by Planet.


Planet for agriculture

Maximize Yields and Ensure Crop Health with a New Era of Reliable, High Frequency Satellite  Imaging

Planet provides the most current and complete agricultural insights across every region and season. With Planet, growers can measure crop health from preseason to harvest, to farm more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.

High Frequency

Daily in-season revisit rates powered by 200+ satellites

Global Coverage

Broad area monitoring of agricultural regions worldwide

Field-Level Detail

0.5 and 3-5 meter resolution satellite images

Easy and Efficient Access

Simple APIs for workflow integration

Deep Historical Archive

Over 1,300 images for every acre on earth

Planet’s daily stream of high-resolution satellite imagery enables precision agriculture at scale, even in regions with frequent cloud cover. Providing a combination of broad area coverage, field-level detail, frequent in-season revisit rates, and rapid access, Planet provides valuable input at each stage of crop management. With simple cloud-based APIs, Planet data can be integrated into your software pipeline with ease.

North Platte, Nebraska

Satellite imagery for agricultural  planning

Leverage Planet’s Extensive Archive of High Quality, Analysis-Ready Data to Plan for the Growing  Season

Annual crop maps can be analyzed for insights about productivity and field health, helping farmers and agronomists identify in-field patterns and region-specific trends when planning.

Quantify and analyze productivity across fields

Define management zones, planning, and practice

Create Management Zones

Determine management zones with extensive historical data

Generate Prescription Maps

Build granular variable rate prescriptions for seeding

Layer with More Data

Integrate with IoT and financial data to drive digital agriculture planning

Crop management and  monitoring

Planet’s Daily Monitoring of Agricultural Land Provides Continual Images of Crops, Even in Regions with Frequent Cloud Cover

Harvest Stratification provides the ability to make the appropriate agronomic decisions for different parts of the field, optimizing overall field stability.

Video:  Optimizing Product Supply at a Global Scale to Build More Efficient and Resilient Food  Systems

Bayer leverages Planet's imagery and analysis-ready data products to optimize product supply at a global scale, looking at daily data feeds spreading across four continents, thousands of fields, and hundreds of thousands of hectares of cropland.

Learn more about how this partnership enables groups from Breeding to Product Supply to make data driven decisions that optimize farming practices, increasing predictability in seed production and building more efficient and resilient food systems.

Planet’s stream of 3.7 meter resolution satellite imagery enables precision digital agriculture and pest detection at scale. Access to this daily data supports informed crop management decisions, enabling farmers and agronomists to monitor and maximize their crop health each season.

Monitor Crop Development

Track crop health and changes daily with field-level detail

Detect Crop Health Issues

Detect disease, pests, and nutrient deficiencies with dense vegetation analysis and vitality alerts

Localize Treatments

Identify and respond to growth stages or health issues in need of treatment

Automate Crop Indices

Leverage Planet’s APIs to automate the production of health indices like NDVI

Layer With More Data

Integrate with IoT and financial data to drive digital agriculture planning

Case Study: Advancing Regenerative Agriculture With Skytec’s Ranger And Limestone Valley  RC&D

Optimizing best practices in land management can increase biodiversity, enrich soil, and protect water quality, making our soil more resilient to climate instability. This practice, known as regenerative agriculture, is a critical tool for agriculture experts all over the world. However, measuring land use and soil health at scale can be complex and resource intensive. 

Discover how The RC&D Council teamed up with Planet partner, Skytec, to address this need with the help of satellite data.

The custom web app Skytec built for Limestone Valley RC&D showing soil samples and tasked SkySat rendered as a NIR composite image.

Enable and Monitor Best Practices for Sustainable  Agriculture

Optimize Inputs and Verify Sustainability Commitments with Planet’s Broad-Area Monitoring and Granular Resolution

Sustainable practices in agriculture can help regenerate soil health, store carbon, and decrease environmental impacts. Planet’s science-grade data can help verify adoption of decarbonization efforts, make it easier for growers to optimize their inputs and make more efficient and ecologically sustainable decisions.

Optimize Input Usage

Leverage field level data to avoid over-fertilization

Improve Irrigation Efficiency

Provide irrigation recommendations to conserve water

Drive Best Practices

Assess the implementation of conservation tilling and cover cropping

Planet image of Tylihul Estuary, Ukraine taken on July 12, 2016

Case Study: Manna Irrigation is Leveraging Planet Satellite Imagery to Improve Irrigation  Intelligence

As water becomes an increasingly precious commodity, we must change the way we use it—particularly within agriculture. Using Planet imagery, Manna Irrigation provides growers with irrigation recommendations, crop monitoring maps, and irrigation planning tools.

Learn how Ag-Tech is changing irrigation efficiency in agriculture.

Explore planet products

Power Precision Agriculture with Planet’s Satellite  Solutions

Planet now provides daily 8-band imagery from SuperDove satellites. With a deep archive, over 200 satellites in space, and simple API access, look to Planet as your strategic partner in space. Build your ag solutions on Planet's industry leading, high-frequency data to make timely, informed decisions.

To learn more about using Planet data for agriculture, visit Planet University

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete,
analysis-ready mosaics

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Planet Tasking

On-demand, high-
resolution images

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Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

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Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

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Planet’s Professional Services team provides a range of services to help you efficiently implement Planet technologies within a farming or agricultural context. Planet provides launch programs for onboarding, and a range of workshops to build and advance knowledge about the Planet Platform. Planet’s Professional Services also include expert guidance on the integration of Planet into your agricultural pursuits, alongside a range of data services to optimize Planet and help you farm in a more sustainable, profitable, and efficient way.

News From Planet

Discover How Planet Data is Assisting Agricultural Projects Around the  World


Learn More about Planet Satellite Systems and Precision  Agriculture

Planet’s high cadence monitoring and 3-5 meter resolution imagery allows you to track agricultural processes with ease. Learn how Planet’s range of solutions can help ensure a healthy, bountiful future for your agricultural endeavours.

Planet Monitoring

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