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High-Resolution Imagery with Planet Satellite  Tasking

At 50 cm resolution, Planet Tasking provides organizations with real-time intelligence to proactively identify blind spots, anticipate events, and have confidence in the next mission-critical  decision.


Rapid revisit, Global  Intelligence

Reliable, High-Resolution Data from Around the  World

With ~18 SkySats in orbit, Planet offers the most frequent, intraday revisit capability of any commercial provider, capturing actionable insights between 5-7 times per day for real-time decision making.

Rapid Revisit

Multiple revisits per day, the highest frequency commercially available

High Resolution

Enhanced 50 cm ortho spatial resolution images

Tip and Cue

Leverage Planet’s Monitoring and Tasking constellations for a simple Tip and Cue workflow

Global Coverage

An average of 2,400 images of every spot on earth’s landmass

Rapid Delivery

High-resolution images and insight delivered less than three hours from capture

Workflow Integration

Access data and imagery within existing workflow with Planet’s API

With Planet’s automated Tasking Dashboard, you can request high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery and data, stereo collection for 3D models and DEM construction, off-nadir imagery, and videos of any location in the world.

How It Can  Help

With the Highest Revisit Commercially Available, Planet Tasking Delivers High-Precision Insights and a Global  Perspective

Planet Tasking is built for flexibility and frequency. Using the world’s most agile constellation of high-resolution Earth imaging satellites, Planet is empowering organizations with geospatial insights and images multiple times a day.

High Accuracy

Images provide extremely detailed information in high resolution

More Timely

High intraday revisit enables real-time intelligence to changes as they evolve

Easily Accessible

Cloud-based dashboard makes Tasking simple and possible anywhere

Comprehensive Library

Access to Planet’s constantly updated archive of approximately 50 PB of Earth data

With ~18 high-resolution satellites in orbit, Planet Tasking has the highest intraday revisit capability of any commercial provider globally, capturing satellite imagery and insights up to 5-7 times a day in areas that are traditionally challenging for imaging due to low satellite capacity.

High-frequency satellite imagery provides reliable, real-time information to avoid blind spots, anticipate events, and empower rapid, informed action. Planet data makes global change visible and accessible. Planet Tasking’s automated, cloud-based system ensures that your response is always timely.

How It’s Used

How Organizations Inform Decisions with Planet  Tasking

Defense and Intelligence

Reliable, up-to-date satellite imagery from Planet Tasking provides fast and accessible insights into geopolitical and security events as they unfold.

  • Task collections of 50 centimeter ortho imagery sub-daily
  • Reduce risk and receive quick insights with tip and cue capabilities
  • Capture unexpected events across remote locations, borders, and coastlines
  • Extract insights with near-infrared, stereo, and video capabilities
  • Validate actions with rapid revisit tasking

Discover how analysts from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey utilized Planet satellite imagery to uncover covert nuclear facilities in Iran.

Civil Government

Protect public lands, measure policy impacts, focus on specific areas of interest, and enable rapid decision making.

  • Manage and monitor infrastructure projects broadly
  • Improve protection of natural resources and people
  • Analyze areas of interest and derive timely insights
  • Update maps and charts with the most recent data
  • Monitor and detect changes to land use

Following the legalization of cannabis in California, Humboldt County used Planet to proactively identify and monitor cannabis cultivation. Learn how high-resolution SkySat imagery helped inform and enforce permit compliance across the county.

Forestry and Land  Use

Monitor and manage forest assets and operations, track changes in land use and land cover, and localize forest clearing in near-real time with high-cadence, high resolution imagery.

  • Optimize your timber harvest operations
  • Monitor and manage forest health
  • Track changes to land cover and land use over time
  • Prevent illegal and unpermitted clearing of forest

Discover how Southern Forestry Consultants utilize Planet’s real-time imagery to provide an alternative to file-based workflows, while supporting increased operational value across the sustainable forestry chain.

January 1, 2017

June 16, 2016

August 25, 2016

December 16, 2016

Emergency Response

Accessible, frequent, and high-resolution imaging helps anticipate, assess, and mitigate disasters.

  • Anticipate changes in landscape, identify potential dangers, and stem problems
  • Understand the scope of disaster at speed with before and after imagery
  • Inform the most effective and rapid mode of response

Learn how Planet worked with the Moore Foundation, the Moraga-Orinda Fire District, and UC Berkeley to build an automated system that rapidly gathers timely, high-resolution satellite imagery to inform decision-making for first responders to wildfires.

Energy and Infrastructure

Fast, reliable, high-resolution data help monitor infrastructure development and growth across regions.

  • Monitor important assets and reclamation projects
  • Manage and preempt risks to your business
  • Evaluate competitor activity, production methods, and equipment
  • Mitigate and prevent crisis

Learn about Planet and Kayrros’ solution to safely monitor large pipelines and power transmission lines.

Collection Types

Data for Every  Need


Pan video up to 120 seconds

Stereo Collection

3D models and DEM construction for volumetric analysis

Standard Collect

Point and strip up to 500 sq km

How to task a  satellite

Planet’s Tasking Dashboard: A Simple, Efficient, and Integrated Workflow

With Planet’s automated cloud-based Tasking Dashboard, the satellite intelligence you need is just five simple steps away.

Access the data you need, when you need it. The easy-to-use Tasking interface is accessible from anywhere, and allows you to autonomously submit, modify, and cancel satellite imagery requests online. The process is automated, and provides you with near real-time updates from order to fulfillment. When the order is completed, the assets are delivered directly to you through Planet’s powerful, cloud-based infrastructure.


Name Order

Enter the name of your order


Define the Product

Select whether to schedule a single or reoccurring order


Define Tasking Parameters

Change the default setting to suit your requirements


Insert GeoJSON

Copy and paste the location’s geoJSON


Review and Confirm

Review order summary and confirm order

To learn more about Tasking, visit Planet University.

Global Perspective, High-Precision  Insights

Imagery and Insights, Delivered Where You Want to  Work

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, analysis-ready mosaics

Visit page

Planet Monitoring

High-frequency, global coverage

Visit page

Planet Archive

A constantly refreshed global dataset

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With Planet Tasking, Organizations and Governments Are Seeing the World  Differently



Further Information About Planet’s Advanced Satellite Tasking  System

Discover how Planet Tasking can deliver reliable, high-resolution imagery into your  workflow

Contact sales to schedule a demo and learn how Planet Tasking can bring new insight to your biggest challenges.

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