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Finance and Insurance Satellite Imagery from  Planet

Identify market opportunity and business risk with global data and continuous, contemporary  insight.

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Finance and Insurance With  Planet

Evaluate Assets and Insurance with Real-Time Intelligence from Planet  Satellites

For financial institutions and insurers, information that is timely and accurate is invaluable. With Planet, address these data demands, mitigate and manage risk, gain competitive market advantage, and inform decision making with a comprehensive global dataset that is updated daily.

Wide-Area Imaging

Survey areas affected by broad-impact claim events

Targeted Capture

View finer details of infrastructure, property, and assets globally

Platform and Integrations

Cloud-based platform and API facilitate analysis to derive and scale insights

Keep pace with the speed of global change using Planet’s range of geospatial imaging solutions. Planet provides the intelligence insurers and financial institutions need to close information and data gaps and inform efficient action in critical situations.

Business Applications

Planet for Hedge funds, Asset Managers, and Private  Equity

Anticipate the market and make better investment decisions with global, high cadence imagery and analytics.

Monitor Opaque Markets

Bridge gaps in information and address activity in opaque markets with daily revisit and global coverage

Analyze Signals

From supply chain activity to retail signals

Observe Portfolio Assets

Monitor strategic assets, conduct due diligence, ensure compliance, and assess risk including ESG

Insurance and Risk  Assessment

Understand Claim Events in Real Time with High Cadence and High-Resolution Imagery and  Analytics

Leverage Planet’s continuous satellite imaging and historic image archive to feed your pricing models, validate claims and credit, forecast potential risk, and identify opportunities within new markets.

Assess Disaster Risk

Calculate the impact on underwritten policies of major natural disasters more accurately

Parametric Insurance

Measure risk profile of natural disasters to better construct and underwrite parametric policies

Crop Insurance

Monitor yields, understand macro challenges and historical trends of large acreage farms to small plantations alike

Planet data helped us explore the possibility of tracking coal power utilisation rates at plant-level, and what impact this would have on the economic viability of these assets in China. With further model development, the imagery will help tell a more vivid story about the current situation than official government  data.”

Senior Analyst, Carbon Tracker

Matt Gray

Senior Analyst, Carbon Tracker

Sustainable Finance and Impact  Investing

Assess and Manage Environmental Risks with Planet Monitoring and  Intelligence

Daily revisit and global coverage enable investment firms to deploy private finance and sovereign funds towards more sustainable outcomes by assessing and managing environmental risks.

Ensure Sustainable Returns

Monitor assets and measure environmental, social, and governance risks in real-time

Quantify Natural Capital

Assess the impact of deforestation and natural disaster on local economies

Build New Indices

Integrate environmental and climate risk considerations like stranded assets into the global equity investment process

Planet’s data has completely changed how we have done our work… It’s really probably the most important partnership we have and it’s really the thing that sets our institute apart from our  competitors.”

Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Jeffrey Lewis

Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Explore planet products

Learn How Planet Solutions Can Assist with Your Insurance and Finance  Work

Planet’s satellite and platform and products make high-frequency, high-resolution imagery sources accessible, cost-efficient, and simple for insurers and financiers to integrate into their online tools and workflows.

Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

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Planet Tasking

On-demand, high-resolution images

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Planet Basemaps

Current, complete,
analysis-ready mosaics

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Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

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Planet’s Professional Services team provides a range of services to help you efficiently implement Planet technologies within a business context. Planet provides launch programs for onboarding, and a range of workshops to build and advance knowledge about the Planet Platform. Planet’s Professional Services also include expert guidance on the integration of Planet into your workflow, alongside a range of data services to optimize Planet and help you manage and monitor finance and insurance projects.

News from planet

Financial Services and Insurance Companies are Optimizing Their Platforms Using Planet Satellite  Imagery


Ensure the Success of Your Financial Endeavours with Real-Time Data and Imagery from  Planet

Planet’s unrivaled dataset provides the information financial services and insurance companies need to quickly identify market opportunity and business risk.

Planet Monitoring

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