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Real-Time Satellite Monitoring with  Planet

With roughly 200 Dove satellites in orbit, PlanetScope Monitoring provides a high-resolution, continuous, and complete view of the world from above, every  day.

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What It Is

Global Perspective, Daily Insight, and Real-time Analysis with Planet’s Satellite  Monitoring

With Planet Monitoring observe areas of geographic interest, discover patterns, track infrastructure, and identify changes as they happen. From space, Planet Monitoring equips you with ground-truth data you need to make timely, informed decisions.

High Resolution

3.7 meter resolution images in four multispectral bands: RGB and Near Infrared

Image Library

Extensive archive of high-resolution images dating from 2009

Global Coverage

Over 300 million square kilometers of imagery collected each day

Access and Integration

Ready-to-use images and data, integrated simply into your existing workflow

Planet Monitoring provides 3.7 meter resolution images of the entire Earth daily. Access to these ready-to-use images is made simple with Planet’s APIs, web application, and GIS integrations. Available through a subscription model, Planet Monitoring can be scaled to the requirements of your analysis and application needs.

Deforestation in the state of Amazonas, Brazil from 2017 through 2020. Planet’s 3.5 meter data is detailed enough to show the appearance of logging roads and evidence of selective logging, processes that typically occur before full-scale deforestation.

How It Can  Help

Satellite Monitoring Provides Crucial and Continuous Information from  Space

Planet Monitoring provides a persistent view of land, assets, and operations, from anywhere on earth.

Greater Visibility

Obtain ground-truth data from opaque, dispersed, or remote geographies

More Timely

Roughly 200 Doves orbit the planet every 90 minutes, providing near real-time images for time-sensitive monitoring

Continuous Coverage

The PlanetScope Constellation is always on, ensuring constant coverage

Evolution by Design

Improved on-orbit capacity with multiple launches of updated Dove satellites each year

Access and Integration

Ready-to-use images and data, integrated simply into your existing workflow

Planet Monitoring delivers up-to-date insights and satellite images from the areas that matter to you, on a daily basis. With Planet’s growing visual archive, analyze deep stacks of imagery from 2009 until today. Leverage Planet’s global coverage to observe areas of strategic importance at a local, national, and international level. Survey broad areas at scale to identify changes and make timely interventions.

How It’s Used

Identify Change, Inform Action, and Improve Governance with Planet  Monitoring


Reliable, up-to-date satellite imagery from Planet Monitoring provides simple and accessible agricultural insights at scale.

  • Farm more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably with continuous field coverage
  • Gain agronomic insight through field-level detail
  • Monitor and analyze field and crop health from preseason to harvest

Ag-Tech companies and farmers alike are looking to new technologies to ensure bountiful crops. Read about how Granular employs Planet Monitoring over more than 22 million acres to drive more efficient, profitable farming through anomaly detection, directed scouting, and automated agronomic advice.


Oversee infrastructure, monitor natural resources, and protect communities from risks using Planet’s continuous monitoring service.

  • Manage and monitor infrastructure projects across large landmasses
  • Improve protection of natural resources and people
  • Analyze geographic areas of interest and derive timely insights
  • Monitor and detect illegal changes to land use

Government bodies are using Planet data to address critical governance challenges. Learn about how the New Mexico State Land Office used Planet Monitoring to uncover 53 trespasses which yielded $2.7 million in back payments.

Energy and Infrastructure

Reliable, up-to-date satellite imagery with Planet Monitoring provides fast, accessible insights on energy assets and production.

  • Monitor your assets in their entirety, remotely
  • Manage and preempt risks to your business
  • Evaluate competitor activity, production methods, and equipment
  • Mitigate and prevent crisis

In a remote corner of the Libyan Desert, almost 100 miles from any known oil reserves, Planet uncovered oil exploration using a combination of high cadence monitoring and satellite tasking.

JAN 4, 2014

MAR 25, 2014

JUN 13, 2014

AUG 16, 2014


Monitor and manage forest assets and operations, track changes in land use and land cover, and localize forest clearing in near-real time with high cadence, high resolution imagery.

  • Optimize your timber harvest operations
  • Monitor and manage forest health
  • Track changes to land cover and land use over time
  • Prevent illegal and unpermitted clearing of forest

Learn how Pan Pac automated the collection and reporting on harvested areas by using high frequency, 3.7 meter PlanetScope imagery. This resulted in significant time and cost savings for their team, streamlined workflows for end of month and year-end reporting, and improved data accuracy.

How To Use Planet  Monitoring

Planet Monitoring: Simple Access to a Continuous Global Image  Dataset

With a Planet Monitoring subscription, you have easy access to the most up-to-date images of your area of interest and an expansive archive.

Planet Monitoring’s global image dataset is updated daily, and dates back to 2009. Delivered in ready-to-use formats, these images are easy to access and order through Planet’s APIs, web applications, and GIS integrations.


Sign Up

Sign up for a Planet Monitoring subscription


Define Parameters

Select your area of interest and frequency of updates


Receive Notifications

Get alerts when new imagery of your areas of interest becomes available


Access Images

Access your pre-processed, analysis-ready imagery via Planet Platform


Integrate into Workflow

Incorporate imagery and data with Planet APIs and GIS desktop integrations

To learn more about Planet’s Daily Imagery, visit Planet University.

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Planet Monitoring makes Earth observation simple. Equip your organization with the necessary geospatial information to make critical, informed decisions fast.

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