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Planet Satellite Imaging for Government 

Planet satellite imagery helps governments make timely, data-driven decisions for safer communities and greater visibility over natural  resources.


Government bodies around the globe choose to work with Planet.

Planet for governments

Planet Provides the Right Tools for Effective Civil  Governance

Planet provides accessible, reliable, and real-time coverage over any area of interest on Earth, helping governments ensure safer communities, economic efficiency, a cleaner environment, and detect changing conditions rapidly.

Always On

Daily PlanetScope imagery provides continuous monitoring of large areas

Tip and Cue

SkySat image tasking lets governments zoom in on areas of interest

Global Coverage

Monitor borders, remote geographies, and coastal waters

Agile, Integrated Workflow

Cloud-based processing, simple API, ArcGIS Pro and QGIS integrations

Planet’s medium-resolution imagery allows you to detect change and survey activity over broad areas. Planet’s high-resolution imagery offers a close-up view of your areas of interest, giving you direct access to finer details such as tree canopies, vessels in maritime areas, and burn scars from wildfires.

Compliance and permit  management

Track and Monitor Land Use Globally with Planet’s Satellite Imaging  Solutions

Access detailed, current, and comprehensive data about land use nationally and internationally using Planet’s high-resolution image tasking and high-frequency satellite Monitoring and Tasking solutions. Leverage Planet’s extensive historic image archive and up-to-date Planet Basemaps to evaluate changes in land use over time.

Expansive Overview

View any location on Earth, multiple times a day

Simplify Land Management

Monitor adherence to permits remotely

Ensure Compliance

Identify breaches of code and illegal activities

Case Study: State and Local Government Continue to Leverage Planet  Data

Government bodies are using Planet data to address critical governance challenges. Learn about how the New Mexico State Land Office used Planet Monitoring to uncover 53 trespasses which yielded $2.7 million in back payments.

Infrastructure monitoring

Satellite Intelligence from Space, Help Government Bodies Make Changes That Matter on the  Ground

Gain a high-level view of the ever-evolving urban landscape, monitor the progress of large construction projects for more accurate reporting, and improve the systems that matter most to communities using Planet data and imaging.

Track Development and Growth

Follow infrastructure in real time

Mitigate Disasters

Anticipate delays and respond quickly to problems

Design Smarter Futures

Address community needs with informed policy

Case Study: Safeguarding Public Assets in  India

Vassar Labs and Odisha Space Application Center leveraged Planet’s high-frequency SkySat satellite imagery to safeguard public assets and monitor unauthorized land use changes.

Join the on-demand webinar with Vassar Labs to learn more.

July 15, 2020 - Bhubaneswar, India

To avoid the problem of illegal encroachment, the Government of Odisha together with Vassar Labs has developed a system called Bhubaneswar Land Use Intelligence System or BLUIS that uses high-resolution satellite imagery from Planet along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine  Learning.

IFS, Chief Executive, ORSAC

Prafulla Kumar Mallick

IFS, Chief Executive, ORSAC

Natural resource protection

Leverage Planet Satellite Data and Imaging to Manage Natural Resources and Ensure Environmental Stewardship

With Planet’s global satellite coverage, governments can protect their natural resources with ease. Harness Planet’s unparalleled view of the natural world to protect forests, farmland, and bodies of water from illegal human activity, destructive pests, and natural disasters.

Mitigate Risk

Detect changes to ecosystems and protected areas

Safeguard Resources

Monitor adherence to environmental regulations

Ensure a Greener Future

Track the success of rehabilitation and reclamation projects

2020 Quarterly Basemap - Queensland, Australia

Case Study: Generating Critical Environmental Insights in Queensland,  Australia

To balance economic growth with land protection, the Queensland State Government leveraged Planet Monitoring to manage, observe, and protect natural resources like the Great Barrier Reef.

Learn more about the NGIS and Planet solution for Queensland.

We are very excited to be working with daily imagery over Queensland that DNRM has been able to acquire through the Planet platform. The access to high quality, daily imagery for use by all government agencies under this arrangement sets a new benchmark that we expect will have far-reaching benefits for the  state.

Executive Director, Land & Spatial Information

Steve Jacoby

Executive Director, Land & Spatial Information

Emergency response

Mitigate Disasters, Enable Rapid Response, and Enhance Crisis Resilience with Planet Satellite Imaging and  Data

Real-time information from Planet’s on-demand satellite tasking assists governments rapid and effective response to disasters, while frequent monitoring and a continuously refreshed image archive allows governing bodies to identify land changes and to prepare for emergencies as they arise.

Reduce Risk

Frequent monitoring reveals unexpected changes as they happen

Respond Rapidly

Assess damage quickly, deploy resources effectively

Enhance Recovery

Track progress and reduce recovery delays

Increase Resilience

Identify problem areas and improve infrastructure

Case Study: Smart Forest Management in California,  USA

Pioneered by Salo Sciences, Planet, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the California Forest Observatory is a dynamic wildfire hazard mapping system that empowers agile emergency services and smart forest management.

Discover how the monitoring system improves emergency response.

Disaster Data Program

Planet supports the International Charter for Space and Major Disasters, by supplying imagery and data directly to humanitarian organizations and other coordinating bodies to help timely, effective response to major man-made and natural catastrophes around the globe.

Learn how Planet’s data makes the world a safer place.

Explore planet products

Planet’s Range of Satellite Image Solutions Make Accessing Global Intelligence  Easy

Planet provides geospatial data and satellite imagery direct to government bodies through a simple, cloud-based system. Planet products provide governments with a comprehensive and scalable approach to monitoring, managing, analyzing, and protecting their territories.

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete,
analysis-ready mosaics

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Planet Tasking

On-demand, high-
resolution images

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Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

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Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

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Planet’s Professional Services team provides a range of services to help you efficiently implement Planet technologies within a farming or agricultural context. Planet provides launch programs for onboarding, and a range of workshops to build and advance knowledge about the Planet Platform. Planet’s Professional Services also include expert guidance on the integration of Planet into your agricultural pursuits, alongside a range of data services to optimize Planet and help you farm in a more sustainable, profitable, and efficient way.

Download the Civil Government  Ebook

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Government Bodies Globally Are Leveraging Planet’s Satellite Data and Image  Solutions


Learn More About Planet Satellite Systems and Civil  Government

Discover further details about Planet's expansive professional solutions, and how they can help optimize government resources.

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