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Mapping and GIS Imagery with  Planet

Update GIS data, visualize topographies, and enhance UX design with Planet  data.

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Planet for mapping

Planet Provides GIS Data and Imagery for Accurate Mapping that Mirrors  Geography

With Planet, display and interpret current geographical information with frequent high-resolution imagery. Update your GIS layers and mapping applications to display real-time data and improve accuracy in geoinformatics, UX, logistics, and planning.

Global Coverage

350+ million square kilometers of imagery captured daily

Comprehensive Library

10+ billion square kilometers of imagery dating back to 1972

On-Demand Imagery

Access data and images through a simple cloud-based system

Data Integration

Streamline data integration with Planet’s API and GIS applications

Spatially accurate data and high-resolution satellite imagery are essential for location-based services and applications. With frequent imaging and object detection through machine learning, Planet can help you create maps that are truthful to ground conditions.

Location-based services

The Most Current and Complete Imaging for Location-Based Services and  Analysis

Planet captures 350+ million square kilometers of imagery daily, providing a current and complete view of the world directly to you. Determine your AOI, and use Planet data for location-based services and analysis in mapping.

Verify Spatial Data

Refresh out-of-date spatial data with monthly Basemaps or daily global imagery

Provide Greater Coverage

Access and analyze hard to image regions with Planet Monitoring at


Maintain Data Consistency

Ensure data consistency within GIS and across user interactions

Topography with a time  axis

Enhance Digital Experience and Data Analysis with Accurate Location  Information

Leverage Planet’s comprehensive, timely global data to enable precise geographic analytics, intuitive interfaces, and maps with informed oversight.

Visualize Change

Map, display, and analyze data against recent and historic topographic information

Leverage Planet’s Image Archive

10+ billion square kilometers of Planet imagery from 2009 until today, and public domain from 1972

Derive Timely Insights

View changes and developments in land use and infrastructure as they happen

August 21, 2009

Urban growth and development in Williston, North Dakota from 2009 to 2017

Platform integration

Integrate GIS Data and Analysis Directly into Your  Workflow

Access data feeds directly, search and filter imagery, and update systems to reflect ground truth with Planet’s API, automated cloud-based system, and leading GIS tools.

Simplify Data Updates

Frequently and easily update your applications with cloud-based imagery

Integrate Downloads

Leverage Planet’s platform and API for direct download or to create custom data streams

Improve Workflow

Seamlessly integrate spatially accurate, analysis-ready scenes into your systems

Data options

Discover a Data Plan that Works for  You

Planet provides custom monitoring, tasking, and basemaps for mapping and GIS applications. Build imagery-first environments that inspire users and customers with the data plan that suits your solution.

Medium Res Monitoring

High Res Monitoring

Imagery and Archive


Explore planet products

GIS Data Options and Satellite Imagery Solutions from  Planet

Planet provides custom Monitoring, Tasking, and Basemaps for mapping and GIS applications. Build imagery-first environments to inspire users and customers with a data plan that suits you.

Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

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Planet Tasking

On-demand, high-
resolution images

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Planet Basemaps

Current, complete,
analysis-ready mosaics

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Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

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Planet’s Professional Services Planet’s Professional Services team provides a range of services to help efficiently implement Planet satellite technologies. We provide launch programs for onboarding and a range of workshops to build and advance knowledge about the Planet Platform. Planet’s Professional Services include expert guidance on the integration of Planet into your systems, alongside a range of services to optimize Planet data within your workflow.

News from planet

Planet Customers Using Earth Imaging Services for  Mapping


Learn More About Planet Satellite Systems and  Mapping

Planet’s comprehensive Earth imaging solutions combine satellite imagery, deep learning, and cloud computing to enable greater completeness and faster updates to maps.

Planet Monitoring

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