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Disaster Data

Accelerate humanitarian response with Planet  imagery

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Respond to Natural and Human-made  Disasters

Planet makes available select imagery for major disaster events, including major earthquakes, floods, storms, wildfires, and human-made disasters. Individuals and groups affiliated with NGOs, government authorities, and international organizations assisting with response efforts are eligible for access.

Planet imagery to support major disaster  events

Planet endeavors to make timely data available at no cost to qualified organizations and entities supporting crisis and disaster response, to aid in their efforts to address and mitigate the effects of these tragic events. We regularly share which events we are supporting on Planet Community, and our social media pages.

If you believe you are eligible for access, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

All data provided via this program are subject to our Crisis Response Program terms of use, which are available at

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