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Energy and Infrastructure Satellite Monitoring from  Planet

Gain greater insights into energy and infrastructure, oversee your assets, monitor competition, and mitigate disasters before they become  costly.

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Energy and Infrastructure With  Planet

Monitor Energy and Infrastructure from Space with Planet’s High Cadence Satellite  Imagery

Enhance operational efficiency by reducing the need for human inspections, develop a complete overview of your assets across geographically dispersed regions, manage risks to your business, and evaluate the activity of competitors in near-real-time, with Planet’s comprehensive, high-resolution, global intelligence.

Continuous, High-Quality Imagery

Daily delivery of high-resolution imagery and insights from Planet

Global Coverage

Continuously updated, spatially accurate, and analysis-ready data from around the world

Preprocessing Capacity

Automated preprocessing with raster functions before you received any data

Historic Image Library

Monitor developments to energy assets and infrastructure over time

Oversee energy developments and keep operations on schedule with Planet’s high-frequency satellite imagery. Transform ground-level detail into actionable insights by combining Planet’s daily imaging and access the information you need directly from Planet’s automated, cloud-based system.

Monitor Assets and  Infrastructure

Map and Monitor Geographically Dispersed Assets with Planet’s Frequent and Scalable Satellite  Imagery

With Planet, monitor changing and fixed assets on a local, national, and international scale. Planet satellite solutions let you monitor encroachment, predict market fluctuations, and maximize operational efficiency and security.

Get Planning Oversight

Plan the construction of infrastructure, oversee project development, and anticipate delays

Identify Issues Promptly

Detect encroachment, monitor right of way, and relocate sites overgrown with vegetation

Measure Environmental Aims

Map environmental impact, reclamation, and closure projects

Monitor Asset Condition Remotely

Remote satellite visualization of damages, degradation, and corrosion

Make Informed Decisions

Analyze proposed sites for future infrastructure projects

May 25, 2009

Planet satellites identify well pad construction and onsite equipment around Big Spring, Texas from 2009 through 2017.

Market Analysis

With Real-Time Data on Ground Conditions and Competitor Operations, Planet Gives You the Edge on Industry  Intelligence

Monitor areas of interest around the world to derive timely intelligence about regional competitors and the global market. Take rapid, informed action with up-to-date information and satellite imagery of your assets globally.

Corroborate Facts

Supplement or validate third-party intelligence with near-daily Planet imagery and platform

Evaluate Competitor Activity

Observe competitor activity, production methods, services, and equipment

Identify Market Changes

Detect key infrastructure changes and construction developments

September 17, 2016

Dragline activity at Coyote Creek Mine picks up in November, slowing at Beulah Mine over the same period. Beulah Mine lost its local contract to Coyote Creek Mine in June.

Manage Risks

Assess and Mitigate Operational Risks and Natural Hazards with Planet’s Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Automated Data  Pipeline

With Planet, identify natural hazards and respond to unanticipated disasters promptly to ensure public safety and environmental health.

Reduce Costs

Manage risks while reducing the need for labor-intensive inspections

Identify and Track Hazards

Understand disaster quickly with before and after imagery and deploy the right resources

Mitigate Risks

Prevent disaster with up-to-date asset and right of way monitoring

Streamline Decision-Making

Anticipate market effects and investment impact with ground-truth imagery

August 23, 2016

Planet satellites capture evidence of the Colonial Pipeline leak just outside of Alabaster, Alabama 24 hours before news broke on September 9, 2016.

Anticipate Impact

Anticipate Global Impact on Your Business with Planet’s Comprehensive Global  Vision

Planet’s global coverage helps you monitor assets abroad and perform due diligence on risks before they affect your operations and investments.

Greater Coverage

Ground truth imagery of geopolitical hotspots from anywhere in the world

Remote Access

Observe strategic assets in remote and inaccessible areas

Increase Visibility

Monitor production indicators and global energy supply in non-transparent markets

February 12, 2016

Despite low oil prices, Saudi Aramco announced that they would move ahead with new expansion at their Khurais production facility in 2016.

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Map and Monitor Infrastructure and Energy Projects with Planet’s Range of Satellite Image  Solutions

Planet provides geospatial solutions that are frequent, granular, and scalable. Available through a simple cloud-based system, Planet solutions provide the information you need to make timely, informed decisions.

Planet Monitoring

Continuous view of any location on Earth’s coastlines

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Planet Tasking

Rapid revisit, global intelligence

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Planet Basemaps

Current, complete,
analysis-ready mosaics

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Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

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Planet’s Professional Services team provides a range of services to help you efficiently implement satellite technologies within a business context. Planet provides launch programs for onboarding and a range of workshops to build and advance knowledge about the Planet Platform. Planet’s Professional Services also include expert guidance on the integration of Planet into your workflow, alongside a range of data services to help you manage and monitor infrastructure and energy projects.

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Expand Your Worldview: Discover How Planet Satellite Solutions Are Assisting with Infrastructure Projects  Globally


Learn More About Planet Satellite Constellations for Energy and  Infrastructure

Planet’s high cadence monitoring and 3.7 meter resolution imagery allows you to monitor dispersed assets and infrastructure projects with ease. Get in touch to learn more about how Planet solutions can ensure your business remains at the forefront of technology.

Planet Monitoring

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