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Planet for European Civil  Governments

Planet global monitoring and analytics empower civil government agencies to gain critical context to make better decisions, reduce operational risk, and save resources for a new era of  efficiency.

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Driving Digital Transformation  Together

Civil governments use Planet near-daily imagery, historical archive, change detection, and AI tools to streamline processes and rapidly address emerging issues.

Reduce Costs of
Data Collection

Leverage high-frequency data and analytics to reduce the need for on-site inspections. Always-on monitoring and high-resolution tasking can help agencies optimize spend on data collection, including aerial flyovers.

Identify and Resolve
Issues Faster

Automatically detect road and building changes, identify emerging hazards, and accelerate reporting and documentation workflows. Advanced analytics enables faster issue resolution across multiple teams.

Monitor Regional

Scale monitoring capabilities, from statewide, county-wide, or dispersed parcels. Access a living archive of daily data to document changes to protected areas, working lands, and the built environment to empower data-driven decision making.

Germany Pioneers Broad Area  Monitoring

Planet high-frequency data and change detection analytics empower the German government to support 439 federal authorities and research institutions in environmental protection, agriculture, forestry monitoring, research, and crisis management.


Fusion data were found to be reliable and of good quality - we have received them in a timely fashion and were able to identify the needed agriculture activities to declare the parcel as compliant… We plan to continue using Planet Fusion data in the next year’s Check by Monitoring as well as future Area Monitoring System activities, starting in 2023. With the push towards automated monitoring of all measures and biodiversity elements, the level of detail will become even more  important

Head of the Department for Geo-spatial Applications, Slovenian National Paying Agency

Lea Remic

Head of the Department for Geo-spatial Applications, Slovenian National Paying Agency


Creating New Capabilities for Civil  Government

Environment and Conservation Agencies

Natural resource management forest management, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems

Permitting and Compliance Management

Monitoring urban, real estate and infrastructure developments.

Emergency Management Agencies

Risk modeling and mitigation, damage assessment, impact reporting

Water Authorities

Water quality and algal bloom monitoring

Common Agricultural Policy Compliance

Crop and land monitoring, environmental compliance, and subsidies.

Carbon Policies

Measurements of the aboveground carbon stored in forests.

Learn how Planet data and analytics can drive digital transformation efforts across EU government institutions.

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The Slovenian Paying Agency


Agricultural parcels under management


Saved in costs associated with manual processes only in the first year of operations


Reduced the number of inconclusive parcels needing manual checks

Learn how the Dutch Paying Agency successfully navigates the challenges of the EU CAP

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Pioneers of civil governance working with Planet solutions

Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Llywodraeth Cymru Welsh Government
The Advanced Science and Technology Institute is an agency of the Department of Science and Technology
Japan Lands Department
New Mexico State Land Office
Sindh Forest Department
Bahrain Survey and Land Registration Bureau
The Yurok Tribe
City of Wroclaw

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