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Planet Basemaps: Comprehensive, High-Frequency Mosaics for  Analysis

Power your applications and analytics with seamless basemaps built from the most recent satellite imagery from around the  world.



Planet Basemaps: Current, Complete, Analysis-Ready  Mosaics

Planet Basemaps leverage cutting-edge software together with daily global satellite imagery to create visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics. Gain insights over broad areas and diverse geographies, and empower time series analysis and data analytics with Planet’s Global and Select Basemaps.

Select Basemaps

Visual Basemaps

Spatially accurate, color-corrected, high-resolution basemaps that minimize the effects of cloud, haze, and other image variables

Surface Reflectance Basemaps

With minimized atmospheric effects and enhanced pixel accuracy, this basemap provides consistent data for deeper analysis with four or eight spectral bands

Global Basemaps

1.5+ million scenes incorporated daily to create a smooth contextual layer, updated annually, and ready for your workflow

Planet's range of basemap solutions ensure that your application needs are met. Planet Select Basemaps are customizable with options for visual or multispectral content and frequency of delivery. Planet’s Global Basemap spans the Earth’s entire landmass and is generated once each year from data collected daily.

Select Basemaps

Actionable Insights at the Highest Frequency, Tailored to You

With Planet Select Basemaps, customers have access to accurate, up-to-date, and seamless geospatial data captured by the world's largest fleet of satellites.


Select Area

Define your coverage area


Select Imagery Type

Choose either Visual or Surface Reflectance


Select Updates

Choose between quarterly, monthly, biweekly or weekly


Select Delivery Type

Choose between web streaming or download

Planet Select Basemaps comprises two offerings—Visual Basemaps and Surface Reflectance Basemaps—that are generated in line with customer needs to provide fresh, actionable insights over broad areas. Unlike other image mosaics, Planet Select Basemaps let the customer determine the AOI, frequency of updates, and the delivery.

Select Visual Basemaps

Monitor evolving landscapes and infrastructure over time and derive insights from advanced analytics over large regions. Select Basemaps give you the power to define what you need, where you need it, and how often – without sacrificing coverage or quality.

  • Seasonally color-balanced, seamless, cloud-free
  • Spatially accurate data with minimized haze, light, and topographic effects
  • Suited for computer vision analytics
March 1, 2017

Select Basemap of Mexico

View of the towering coastal redwoods in the Redwood National Park adjacent to patches of recently clearcut forests

Select Surface Reflectance  Basemaps

This product leverages advanced image processing techniques on PlanetScope imagery to remove atmospheric effects, optimize pixel accuracy, and empower deep spectral and quantitative analysis.

  • Optimized for pixel accuracy to inform robust quantitative analysis
  • Minimized effects of atmosphere and sensor characteristics to reflect ground truth
  • Suited for a variety of vegetation indices, including NDVI, EVL, NDWI, and more

Planet Basemaps and GIS: 
Flexible Delivery, Efficient  Integration

Use Planet Basemaps within your preferred GIS environment. Access Basemaps efficiently online in a variety of formats.

  • Ready to use with popular GIS applications, including ArcGIS and QGIS
  • Web streaming via XYZ and WMTS services

Get the new add-in for easy, rapid integration into Esri ArcGIS Pro.



Timely, Global Context for Mapping and Visualization

Planet integrates 1.5+ million scenes daily to produce an annual Global Basemap that is seamless and visually appealing. Comprehensive and cloud-free, the high-accuracy and high-resolution Global Basemap covers the Earth’s entire landmass and is ideal for mapping, updating charts, and visualization.

Global Context

Planet's Global Basemap provides complete coverage over the Earth's landmass.

Global Context

Planet's Global Basemap provides complete coverage over the Earth's landmass.

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How to Pick a Basemap 
In 5 Easy  Steps

Planet Basemaps are created using imagery and data from the world’s largest commercial satellite fleet. Make an informed choice, and discover which of Planet’s basemap offerings is best suited to your needs.

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Power Your Analytics and Applications with Basemaps Built from Daily, Global  Imagery

Unlike traditional mosaics, Planet allows you to build basemaps using the most recent satellite imagery over your areas of interest, with updates at the frequency you need. Use Planet Basemaps to inform applications and analytics, build situational awareness, derive insights across large regions, and monitor change across time.

To learn more about Planet Basemaps, visit Planet University.

Refresh Outdated Data

Update charts and maps with current global imagery

Customize Your Solutions

Planet Basemaps are available off-the-shelf or custom built

Comprehensive, Global Coverage

Access areas that are difficult to image due to consistent cloud cover or remote location

Receive Analysis-Ready Data

Mosaics are pre-processed into gridded GeoTIFFS for download

Simple Data Integration

Data is available for integration into workflow via WMTS or webtiles

Planet selects the best pixels from its high cadence satellite feed and transforms them into spatially accurate mosaics, providing a precise picture of the world’s entire landmass.

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Planet Basemaps in Use Around the  World



Your Questions About Planet Basemaps  Answered

Turn Geospatial Data into Insights with Planet  Basemaps

Basemaps automate a set of imagery preprocessing steps to ensure that you get the most from Planet’s global, high-frequency satellite imagery. Looking for something not listed here? Planet can work with you to find the right solution for your application.

Planet Monitoring

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