Forest and Fields, July 18, 2016

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The ROI of Digital Agriculture Intelligence: 5 Top Trends and Takeaways


Farming has been around for many millennia more than most industries, but when it comes to digital adoption, it’s running a bit behind. Farming is undergoing a digital transformation, but it’s taking time. In fact, some agriculture companies are finding their investments are less than successful. And while massive advancements in machinery […]

Como a UNICAMP, uma das principais universidades da América Latina, está usando imagens de satélite para monitorar sistemas de integração lavoura-pecuária no Brasil


To read this piece in English, view this page. Segundo a FAO, cerca de 38% da superfície terrestre é ocupada por áreas cultiváveis, um terço por áreas agrícolas e os dois terços restantes como campos e pastagens. No Brasil, a pastagem é o principal uso da terra, ocupando grande parte do território […]

How UNICAMP, One of the Top Universities in Latin America is Using Satellite Imagery to Monitor Integrated Crop–Livestock Systems in Brazil


To read this piece in Portuguese, view this page. According to the FAO, about 38% of the earth’s surface is occupied by agricultural areas, one-third as cropland, and the remaining two-thirds as meadows and pastures. In Brazil, pasture is the main land use, occupying a large part of the territory from north […]

Planet-AMAGGI Partnership to bring even more innovation to Brazilian Agriculture


To read this piece in Portuguese, view this page. The digital revolution is transforming agriculture around the world, and Planet’s daily earth imaging is helping the industry gain precise data for informed decision-making. This month, we are thrilled to announce our newest agriculture customer, AMAGGI, a large Brazilian-based commodities company, specializing in […]

Detecting and Eradicating Invasive Grass Affecting Pasture and Ranch Land


Invasive plants such as cheatgrass, medusahead, and ventenata are wreaking havoc with ranchers, farmers, land managers, and transport companies around the world, and driving concern among environmental groups that fear the impacts on other plants and wildlife. Once invasive plants become established, they can dominate a landscape – creating monocultures and destroying […]

And the winner of Copernicus Masters Planet’s Challenge is… NetCarbon!


NetCarbon is the winning startup of the Copernicus Masters competition Planet See Change, Change the World Challenge 2021 edition.  The international competition Copernicus Masters awards the best Earth observation startups and developers that are trying to solve the world’s problems – social, environmental and commercial. Planet was looking for superstar startups that […]

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