Monitoring Dynamic Land and Coastal  Change

Planet Solutions for Disaster Management

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Reduce the loss of life and property, and minimize the cost of disaster  recovery

See new trends and focus attention where it’s needed most with near-daily spatiotemporal data, a living archive, and automated change detection.


Monitor tree fall-in risk over utility  lines

Proactively monitor changes in vegetation to mitigate wildfires and power outages with scalable insights on tree strike, canopy cover, and species identification.

Empirical Measurements

Track crop health and soil water content 

Planet Soil Water Content and Biomass Proxy variables provide physical measurements of crop and vegetation health, unhindered by clouds.

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Monitor evolving risks to  coastlines

Intervene on climate change-related impacts, environmental accidents, and debris with a living baseline of data, which expands daily.


Monitor water quality, sedimentation, and algal  blooms

Use water health indices to protect communities and natural ecosystems from acute and long-term water issues resulting from weather events, toxins, and invasive species.

Working with Planet, NOAA gets a more complete and frequent stream of information about the status of our oceanic and coastal world.

Physical Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Jerome Fisher

Physical Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Learn how Planet solutions have helped a range of disaster preparedness and recovery  efforts

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Driving Digital Transformation in Wildfire Fuels Management With Satellite  Data

Learn how Earth observation data can help governments scale monitoring efforts and accelerate decision-making to minimize wildfire risk.

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Wildfire Risk Management With Planet  Data

Planet data helps support a variety of government pre-fire programs, including forest health monitoring, invasive species tracking, fuel breaks planning, utility line clearance monitoring, and documenting progress on fuels reduction programs.

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Wildfire Permit Boundary  Mapping

Paulina Zubatov, Account Executive at Planet, describes how Planet imagery can be used to guide wildfire recovery efforts.

Flash Drought Hotspots: Southwestern United  States

The Planet Soil Water Content (SWC) dataset captures the conditions that signal drought using granular, real-time measurements. A team at Planet developed a methodology to identify “hotspots” - including in the Southwest United States.

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Gallery PostEarthquake
Rescue Efforts in Morocco after 6.8  Earthquake

The small mountain town of Amizmiz suffered destruction due to a massive 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Near the epicentre, survivors here are sleeping in temporary camps set-up by the government.

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Wildfire Science with Planet  Data

The high spatial and temporal resolution of PlanetScope imagery, combined with its multispectral capability, provides a powerful dataset for monitoring wildfires, performing risk assessments, and more.

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Drying Up in a Flash: What Satellite Data Can Tell Us About Flash Drought Risks and the Regions We Should be  Watching

Drought is a dynamic phenomenon, and Planet Soil Water Content, one of our Planetary Variables datasets, captures a snapshot of conditions that signal drought using granular, real-time measurements.

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Gallery PostVolcano
Mount Merapi Fumes

This image captures Merapi mid-eruption, with gas and ash rising from its summit as boulders tumble from the face of a slow-moving lava flow. Planet data can both help monitor the volcano’s behavior and enable research that could mitigate hazards from volcanoes near urban areas.

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Case StudyHurricane or Typhoon
Natural Disaster Monitoring in the  Philippines

The Phillipeans has a long history of natural disasters - from tsunamis and landslides to earthquakes. Planet imagery allows their Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ASTI) to better prepare for and respond to these events.

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Planet's Response to Earthquakes in Turkey and  Syria

Planet worked with Microsoft AI for Good Lab and other partners to produce a building damage assessment to assist in the response efforts from the Turkish government.

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BlogDisasters - Drought
Using Planetary Forensics to Visualize Historic Drought in the Horn of  Africa

Planet data provides insights into the ebb and flow of water in the Horn of Africa to help gauge the severity of drought and get ahead of widespread famine.

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Case StudyWildfire
Building a Sustainable Vegetation Management Approach by Applying  AI

Overstory demonstrates how more sustainable vegetation management practices can be implemented efficiently with a data-driven approach.

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Gallery PostFlood
Flooding in Greece

Following weeks of heat waves and fires, torrential rains unleashed widespread flooding in Central Greece in early September 2023. This pair of before and after images shows the extent of flooding near Lake Karla.

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Satellites Enable Disaster Management For Unprecedented Australian  Floods

Our partner NGIS was able to leverage Planet data to respond to “once in a century flooding” which stranded communities and forced mass evacuations.

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Solution OverviewHurricane or Typhoon
Post Disaster Rapid Route Assessment With Satellite  Imagery

IQSpatial has developed a method using Planet’s high-frequency satellite imagery and geographic information systems (GIS) to directly support and improve labor-intensive, on-the-ground assessments in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster.

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Gallery PostEarthquake
Earthquake Damage

These two images compare the center of Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, before the earthquake on April 3, 2021 and after. Rubble from destroyed buildings is clearly visible, as are tents covering the 12 Şubat Stadium field.

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Case StudyWildfire
Linking Ground and Space Systems to Autonomously Assess  Wildfires

The Moore Foundation, Moraga-Orinda Fire District, UC Berkeley and Planet collaborate to deliver timely, accurate satellite imagery that supports remote detection and assessment of wildfires.

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How Planet Satellites Help Manage Fire Risk in a Parched  Landscape

To help mitigate the threat of wildfire, western authorities are turning to new technologies, including high-frequency and high-resolution data from Planet satellites.

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Planet Monitoring for Disaster  Response

Planet imagery gives government, commercial, and non-profit organizations insights that help them maximize preparedness, mitigate risk, and accelerate recovery efforts.

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