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Our mission is to image the entire Earth every day and make global change visible, accessible, and actionable. Read more.

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We've redefined every part of the Earth-imaging pipeline to deliver actionable insights in near real-time

Agile aerospace

Satellites to APIs, we've built our entire platform with off-the-shelf components and open source software


We innovate at every step, and bring it together in a complete geospatial data and analytics platform


Planet’s platform downloads and processes 6+ TB of data daily, enabling customers to build and run analytics at scale.

Insights at the speed of change

Planet started as a small team of physicists and engineers, and now operates the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites. We offer our customers a diverse selection of 3-meter, 5-meter, and 80-centimeter data products, all under one roof.

From precision agriculture and emergency response to supply chain and infrastructure monitoring, we believe that timely, global imagery and analytics will empower informed, deliberate, and meaningful stewardship of our planet.

Our code of ethics

We are committed to seeking the greatest good in everything we do. This guides every aspect of our work – from setting high ethical business standards to driving our conduct as citizens of the planet. Read more

Our Leadership

We’re a team of analysts and rocket scientists, software engineers and creatives, environmentalists and researchers.

Will Marshall
Co-founder and CEO
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Robbie Schingler
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
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Laura Malinasky
Chief Legal and People Officer
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Nate Dickerman
Chief Commercial Officer
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James Mason
SVP, Space Systems in Missions
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Brian Hernacki
SVP Software
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Massimiliano Vitale
SVP, Berlin Operations in Business Development
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Hilary Salazar
VP of Marketing
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Andrew Zolli
VP, Global Impact Initiatives
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Jen Marcus
VP, US Government Strategic Partnerships.
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James Brayshaw
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Garrick Ballantine
VP Sales, Americas
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We believe in the power of the arts to enrich, challenge, and expand our understanding of life on Earth. From art on satellites to our Artist in Residence Program, we bring art and science together to build a culture of creative entrepreneurship and technology at Planet.

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RapidEye Established

RapidEye is established as an independent company in Munich, Germany.


RapidEye Satellites Launched

August 29, 2008

RapidEye launches five earth observation satellites into SSO orbit aboard a Dnepr rocket from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.


SkyBox Established

January, 2009

SkyBox is established as an independent company in Mountain View, California.


Planet Founded

December 29, 2010

Planet Labs is founded by ex-NASA scientists, Will Marshall, Robbie Schingler, and Chris Boshuizen, with a goal to use space to help life on Earth. The founders and a small group of physicist and engineers began building Planet’s first satellite in a garage in Cupertino, California.


First Light

April 19, 2013

Planet launches its first satellite, Dove 1, into a sun synchronous orbit aboard a Soyuz rocket and captures this first light image.

SkySat-1 Launched

November 21, 2013

Skybox launches its SkySat-1, an 80-centimeter resolution earth observation satellite, into a SSO orbit aboard a Dnepr rocket.


Mission 1 Established

CEO Will Marshall takes the stage at TED to announce Planet’s Mission 1 - to image the entire Earth’s surface every day and make global change visible, accessible, and actionable.


BlackBridge Acquisition

July 15, 2015

Planet acquires Canadian aerospace company BlackBridge, adding five RapidEye satellites to Planet’s global constellation.


Planet Rebrand

June 12, 2016

Planet Labs rebrands as Planet, launches a new logo, and maintains its legal name, Planet Labs, Inc.

SkySats 4-7 Launched

September 1, 2016

Skybox launches SkySats 4-7 into SSO orbit aboard a Vega rocket from the Guiana Space Center, joining Skysats 1, 2, and 3.


World Record Satellite Launch

February 15, 2017

Planet launches 88 Dove satellites aboard a PSLV rocket - the largest constellation of satellites to ever launch on a single rocket - securing the ability to reach Mission 1 and image the entire Earth’s landmass every day.

Terra Bella Acquisition

April 14, 2017

Planet acquires Terra Bella from Google, adding seven high-resolution SkySat satellites to the fleet. Google becomes an equity stakeholder in Planet and signs a multi-year deal to buy imagery data from Planet.

Mission 1 Complete

July 14, 2017

Planet launches an additional 48 Dove satellites on a Soyuz rocket and reaches capacity to image Earth’s entire landmass every day.

Planet’s First SkySat Launch

October 31, 2017

Planet launches six SkySats (8-13) and four Doves, Flock 3m, into SSO orbit aboard an Orbital-ATK Minotaur-C rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.


Queryable Earth Announced

July 16, 2018

Onstage at TED, Will Marshall presents Planet’s vision of a Queryable Earth – to index physical change on Earth and make it searchable for all.

Planet Analytics Beta Launched

July 18, 2018

Planet unveils the beta release of Planet Analytics, a product suite that leverages machine learning to transform global, daily satellite imagery into information feeds that detect and classify objects, identify geographic features, and monitor change over time.

New Satellite Manufacturing Facility Opened

September 12, 2018

Planet opens a new, state-of-the-art satellite manufacturing facility capable of producing 40 satellites a week. At 27,000+ square-feet, the complex is six times the size of the previous lab and brings all aspects of spacecraft design and production under one roof.