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Planet Monitoring

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Global Monitoring, Daily  Insight

Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

Planet Tasking

Rapid revisit, global intelligence

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics

Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

Planet Platform

Automated, scalable, API-first


Insights for your  industry

Accelerate your time to  value


Daily Earth Data to See Change and Make Better  Decisions

Planet provides daily satellite data that helps businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists understand the physical world and take action.

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Press Release

Planet is planning to go  public!

We’re excited to share that Planet will become a publicly traded company through a merger with dMY Technology Group, Inc. IV (NYSE:DMYQ), pending the closing of the merger which is contingent on the satisfaction of certain conditions.

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Press Release

Planet to acquire  VanderSat

We are excited to announce that Planet is acquiring VanderSat, to deliver advanced data products to customers.

Latest News

Presenting Planet’s Next Gen,
Very High Resolution Data

The Pelican constellation will replenish Planet’s SkySat fleet and be a phase change in Planet’s high resolution products with better resolution, more frequent image revisit times, and reduced latency.


Planet is a scalable subscription data business. Our data is proprietary and our archive of data is  unmatched.

We're growing our teams!

Find your place at Planet. Browse job openings and apply on our Careers  page.

Press Release

Planet and dMY IV Announce Upsized PIPE - Additional $50 Million from CPP Investments - Sept  16


Norway’s Public-Private Partnership Shows How Satellite Can Fight  Deforestation

Reveal change, capture your window of  opportunity

The leading provider of global daily Earth  data

Planet revolutionized the earth observation industry with the highest frequency satellite data commercially available.

Planet’s data is transforming the way companies and governments use satellite imagery data, delivering insights at the daily pace of change on earth. This differentiated data set powers decision-making in a myriad of industries including agriculture, forestry, mapping, and government. Our fleet of nearly 200 earth imaging satellites, the largest in history, images the whole Earth land mass daily.

Planet helps you anticipate what's next.

Why Planet?
3D augmented reality Dove courtesy World Economic Forum

High frequency geospatial data that drives  innovation

Planet partners with organizations in agriculture and government, both intelligence and civilian agencies, and we’re expanding into newer markets like forestry, energy and natural resources, state and local government, and sustainability.

Insights For Your Industry


Empowering agriculture companies with frequent, comprehensive data to help growers make more informed decisions, improve yields, and lower inputs.

State & Local  Governments

Transforming the way state and local governments manage precious resources, resulting in safer, cleaner, and more productive communities.


Helping industry and government transition to more sustainable practices that reduce risk, while promoting economic growth and ecological stewardship.

Planet Products

Planet provides high cadence, global coverage and efficient delivery with an open, accessible platform. We do this through industry-leading solutions.

Explore Our Products
Dove 03 - 12,5mm

Planet Monitoring

Planet Monitoring passively images the Earth’s landmass every day, empowering you with comprehensive, accurate data about our changing planet.

Planet Tasking

Planet Tasking offers the highest intraday revisit capability available, providing intelligence on mission-critical events, at the moment you need it.

Planet Basemaps

Planet Basemaps are visually consistent and science-grade mosaics that enable time-series analysis and machine learning-powered analytics.

Planet Analytic Feeds

Planet Analytic Feeds unlock deeper insights from Planet data by leveraging automated, cloud-based, and global-scale information feeds.

Planet is serving our customers with the tools they need to derive even more value from our  dataset

On average, Planet has 1500 images of every place on earth. This is an unprecedented dataset - we’re creating a global, near-daily stream of satellite imagery that can be fed into a variety of workflows for commercial and humanitarian applications, enabling an ecosystem of apps and services.

Go Global

Decision makers in business and government, as well as researchers, are achieving results with  Planet

There is no other comparable commercial system offering the combination of sensing large areas in high spatial and temporal resolution.

Petr Lukeš

Czech Republic Forest Management  Institute

Planet data is invaluable for deriving insights, because Planet data is in near-real time, we are enabling workflows that allow people to update their GIS with the most current satellite data.

Beau Legeer

Imagery and Remote Sensing,  Esri

Our Daily Planet

Every day, people around the world are using Planet data to reveal the changes happening in the areas they care about most.

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