Floods Argentina, Argentina April 13, 2017

Disaster Data

Accelerate humanitarian response with Planet imagery.


Respond to Natural and Manmade Disasters

Planet supports the International Charter for Space and Major Disasters. We make imagery available directly to the public, volunteers, humanitarian organizations, and other coordinating bodies.

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Access in Planet Explorer

Natural disaster responders revisit imagery of the Santa Cruz Mountains to monitor revegetation after September 2016's Loma Fire.

With a Planet Explorer account you’ll have access to our entire archive of imagery within the disaster affected area, for a minimum of 30 days. We will also provide API keys to access imagery programatically.

Please email disaster-access@planet.com for assistance in accessing imagery over the affected area.

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Planet Rapid Response

In partnership with the Digital Humanitarian Network, Planet has launched a new volunteer program to help ensure Planet's data gets to the right people at the right time to accelerate and improve humanitarian response. After receiving specialized training on the Planet platform and data, members of Planet Rapid Response respond quickly to requests for geospatial analysis from field-based humanitarian organizations in times of disaster response.

Data Licenses

Commercial License

Commercial entities are granted access to our data under the CC-BY-SA licence, which requires that any derivative products that use our data also be shared under the same license.

Non-commercial license

Non-commercial entities (including humanitarian organizations, intergovernmental agencies, etc.) are granted access under the CC-NC-BY license, which does not require sharing of derivative products; if however such products are shared, there is a requirement that Planet be acknowledged as an underlying source of data.

Under the Disaster Response Program, Planet makes Content publicly available as a convenience and at no charge. As such, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Planet makes no representations, warranties, covenants, or commitments with respect to any such Content and further acknowledges and agrees that Planet assumes no liability nor bears any responsibility in connection with any such Content.

Questions? Email us at disaster-team@planet.com