Navy Yard, Virginia, USA Feb 27, 2016

Situational Awareness on a Global Scale

Daily, global imagery to inform quick decision-making

Understand our ever-changing world

Current satellite imaging only allows us to look at various disconnected locations. Planet's always-on, daily imagery provides a global monitoring capability never before possible. Frequent satellite imagery is often a critical component to understanding our increasingly complex, interconnected world. Use Planet’s timely imagery to monitor and understand global activity and patterns of life.

Easy access at your fingertips

An airstrip built on Fiery Cross Island of the disputed Spratly island chain.

Instantly access all Planet imagery. With Planet, there’s no need to task satellites and order imagery—we’ve already collected it. And it’s waiting to be explored.

  • Forensically explore our growing data archive dating back to 2009
  • Monitor your areas of interest every day
  • Set up automated alerts when new imagery is captured
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Quick, Easy Integration

Daily ship traffic in Wenzhou (China)

Take advantage of Planet’s cloud-based data infrastructure. Our robust API allows for easy integration into your existing applications and workflows. Use our online browser to quickly search and discover needed imagery. Combine our dataset with others for even more powerful insights.

  • Train software with a massive imagery archive that’s updated daily
  • Develop change detection and tip-and-cue algorithms

Monitoring Programs

See Everywhere, Every day.

Planet Monitoring Programs have been designed to provide immediate access to high-frequency imaging of our entire planet. Whether your requirements are related to defense and intelligence, environment, resource monitoring, market intelligence or emergency management, this consistent stream of imagery gives you the power to be truly proactive and effective.

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Planet Imagery

View, Compose, Select.

Planet Imagery a la Carte allows users to compose a full coverage over an area of interest with the best available imagery. Take advantage of Planet’s huge imaging capacity and archive to select the right imagery products for your requirements.

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