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Aquaculture in South Korea
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A Time of Planetary Change

We live in a unique time in the history of our planet. Human activity has become the largest driver of change on the Earth. The systems that enable human flourishing—indeed all life—have come under unprecedented stress. And these stresses amplify new forms of connected change, volatility and risk.

In areas as wide ranging as food security, environmental monitoring, urban planning, disaster response, public health and climate resilience, better stewardship of humanity’s impacts has never been more important. And that stewardship is a job for all of us—it can’t just be done by a small group of specialists.

At Planet Labs, we’ve made it our mission to make global change visible, accessible and actionable ­for those who need it most. That starts with our flock of satellites, ground stations, and data centers, which will provide the highest cadence imagery of Planet Earth ever collected—everywhere, every day, on demand, at an affordable price.

Access to unique, timely data can change the way we approach global stewardship and help us tackle some of the world’s most complex problems. And the applications are limitless: from carbon monitoring and forestry to insurance and city services, new products and services that advance social good are waiting to be born.

Advancing Social Impact

Planet Labs works closely with a range of partners in environmental, social, and humanitarian sectors. We’re determined to help collaborators strengthen their data literacy, develop progressive monitoring tools and gain meaningful insights about our changing planet.

We’ve been fortunate to partner with forward-looking foundations and thought leaders to shape our Impact program. Recently, these have included:

A host of NGOs and nonprofits are also experimenting with our data, integrating it into tools that can do everything from crowdsource crisis response to monitor the fragile ecosystems.

Partner with Us

Whether you’re a social innovator, a student or an NGO, there are several ways to engage with Planet Labs:

  • For NGOs, Nonprofits and Academia: Our Explorers Program provides limited, early access to our data and tools and is accepting applications from nonprofit and academic partners.
  • For Foundations and Funders: Each year, we engage in a limited number of deeper collaborative projects with strategic partners. To explore a collaboration with one of your grantees, or deeper engagement with a sector you work in, please contact us here.

Become an Explorer

What our partners are saying

  • It took sixty-four hours to acquire and analyze imagery following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, one of the most powerful typhoons in human history. Can we do better? Planet certainly can. Thanks to their growing constellation of micro-satellites, we'll soon have hundreds of views from the sky covering the entire globe and updated every 24 hours. This will be a game changer for disaster response. Patrick MeierDirector of Social Innovation,
    Qatar Computing Research Institue
  • The Global Resilience Partnership is dedicated to surfacing innovations that can solve the problems that are standing in the way of progress and prosperity in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. To create resilient solutions, we need both new thinking and new information, and Planet Labs technology will be invaluable to helping us all on this journey. Sundaa Bridgett-JonesAssociate Director for International Development,
    The Rockefeller Foundation