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Planet Monitoring

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Global Monitoring, Daily  Insight

Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

Planet Tasking

Rapid revisit, global intelligence

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics

Planetary Variables

Quantify the changes in dynamic systems

Planet Hyperspectral

Helping various industries see the unseen

Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

Planet Platform

Automated, scalable, API-first


Insights for your  industry

Accelerate your time to  value


Art at Planet

Inspiring creative possibilities at the intersection of art, aerospace, and our  planet

Apply to our Artist in Residence Program


We hold a bedrock belief in the power of the arts to enrich, challenge, and expand our understanding of life on Earth. We bring together art and science to build a culture of creative entrepreneurship and innovation at Planet.

Art in space

Planet has created and curated the largest art show in Earth's orbit. Hundreds of illustrations by our employees, community, and resident artists have been laser etched into the side panels of the 150+ satellites that we launched to space. We're excited to open a small number of spots to the public!

To participate:

  • 1. Download our art submission PDF (Sizes: Letter | A4)
  • 2. Add your unique art
  • 3. Submit your completed design via this form
View Gallery

Dove satellite, Build 31, covered in artwork

Artist in Residence  Program

Planet invites six artists a year to work virtual-shoulder-to-shoulder with our team of scientists and technologists, sparking new collaborations that bridge art, science, and the planet.

  • Apply from any creative field across visual, performing, digital, or music arts
  • Join us for a three-month, paid, remote Artist Residency – with connections to our San Francisco or Berlin offices
  • Produce powerful works while sharing your unique artistic practice and workflows
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Making art together

Planet uses artmaking as a way of engaging with our employees, our families, our communities and the next generation of young people.

Art humanizes our mission, builds our culture, and helps us keep Planet one of the most creative places in the world to work.

Artists In Residence  Alumni

Stacy Speyer

Artist and Geometer

Artist Website

Richelle Gribble

Mixed Media Artist

Artist Website

Rachelle Reichert

Alchemical Drawing and Sculpture

Artist Website

Livien Yin

Fantastical Journalistic Illustration

Artist Website

Joshua Ellingson


Artist Website

Hannah Rothstein

Conceptual Artist and Painter

Artist Website

Jeremiah Allen Welch

Fantastical Journalistic Illustration

Artist Website

Meredith Scheff King

Watercolor and Multimedia

Artist Website

Carmen Olson

Narrative and Scientific Illustration

Artist Website

George Zisiadis

Playful Visual Artist

Artist Website

Eriko Yamada

Graphic Storyteller

Artist Website

Forest Stearns

Watercolor and Multimedia

Artist Website
Planet Monitoring

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