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Data-driven sustainability reporting

Sustainability ambitions and compliance require understanding, managing and reporting change. Planet data plays a central role in offering unprecedented resolution to see changes at the scale and pace that they  occur.

Sustainable Transformation

Integrated Monitoring and Actionable  Insights

Planet’s high-resolution and high-frequency imagery, along with advanced analytics, form a framework for monitoring every aspect of the value chain and delivering trustworthy insights into operations. Combined with our partners' solutions, we transform data into actionable insights to develop strategies and elevate transparency in ESG reporting.

Ensuring deforestation-free commodities.
Conducting environmental disclosure and reporting.
Building supply chain traceability.
Tracking methane emissions and leakage .
Monitoring biodiversity hotspots and forest carbon investments.


Leverage Planet data and partner products for sustainability  reporting

Document sustainable sourcing practices and assess your entire product lifecycle. Near real-time insights help organizations avoid fines that damage their bottom line and brand.


Planet helps organizations assess risk and manage EUDR requirements with near-daily broad area monitoring, automated change detection, and analysis-ready Forestry Variables.

Read more in our EUDR White Paper.


Together, Microsoft and Planet demonstrate the feasibility and value of biodiversity and ecosystem reporting, using real-world examples of EO and AI technologies for cost-effective reporting.

Improve environmental knowledge-building in our co-authored white paper.

Accelerating Sustainable Development -  Examples

The Fierce Urgency of  Now

With a growing global population, responding to the linked challenges of sustainable development, loss of biological diversity, and climate change is critical. For humanity to prosper, we must transition to practices that operate within the limits of Earth’s life-support systems. We have entered a critical decade of action.

Whether you’re a government, a company or an NGO, Planet’s data can help you develop sustainable solutions, measure climate risk, and meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tailings produced by informal gold mining in Inambari, Peru • May 25, 2016

Tailings produced by informal gold mining in Inambari, Peru • May 25, 2016

See our data in action measuring forest carbon stocks in Peru.

Illuminate Climate Risks

Planet’s satellites can help reveal social, environmental, and climate risks in unprecedented detail, powering a new generation of policy and innovative sustainable financial instruments.

With Planet’s data, you can:

Measure natural capital, ecosystem services, and climate risks, such as flooding, famine, and wildfire

Leverage our aboveground forest carbon, tree height, and canopy cover dataset

Monitor deforestation and ensure compliance with the EU Deforestation Regulation

Carbon Mapper

Read more about the trailblazing coalition to mitigate global methane emissions.

Gain Unprecedented Insights

To address big global challenges, industry and governments need to work together and leverage all available technologies.

Advances in artificial intelligence and cloud computing are creating new opportunities for organizations to derive deeper insights from satellite data, and powering novel solutions that balance economic growth with environmental protection.

We convened a panel of leading thinkers in technology, government and climate science to discuss how to address our most pressing climate challenges with powerful new datasets. Speakers include:

  • Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce
  • Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet
  • Alok Sharma, President of COP26
  • Katherine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist for the Nature Conservancy
  • Will Marshall, Co-founder and CEO of Planet
  • Moderated by: Trish Wilson, Washington Post’s Climate & Environment editor

Read our recap now


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