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Satellite imagery gets boost from new tech

November 4, 2020

"Satellite imagery can be a great tool for crop management, and the advent of daily images has been more helpful to agronomists, too. One satellite image company, Planet, is introducing new technology that could offer those scouts even more advanced information — in part by getting rid of the clouds."


Rocket Lab launches 10 imaging smallsats

October 29, 2020

"The primary payload on the launch, called “In Focus” by Rocket Lab, was a set of nine SuperDove cubesats for Planet, augmenting that company’s constellation of imaging satellites."


Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site

October 28, 2020

"This Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, satellite image from Planet Labs Inc. that has been annotated by experts at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies shows construction at Iran's Natanz uranium-enrichment facility that experts believe may be a new, underground centrifuge assembly plant."


Norway funds satellite map of world's tropical forests

October 22, 2020

"The NICFI has awarded a $44m (£33m) contract to Earth-observation specialists Airbus, Planet and Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) for access to their pictures and expertise."


Satellite images indicate Russia is preparing to resume testing its nuclear-powered cruise missile

October 20, 2020

"New satellite images obtained by CNN indicate Russia is preparing to resume test flights of its nuclear-powered cruise missile at a previously-dismantled launch site near the Arctic Circle, according to experts who have analyzed the photos."


Mount Kilimanjaro fire: What is at risk for the local ecosystem?

October 14, 2020

"Fires are becoming more frequent on Africa's highest mountain. With the latest blaze threatening wide-reaching consequences, DW looks at what is at stake for local wildlife."



The Mission to Create a Searchable Database of Earth's Surface

Planet Co-founder and CEO, Will Marshall, announces Planet's vision of Queryable Earth: to index physical change on Earth and make it searchable for all.

We Can Scan the Whole World, Every Day

The FT’s innovations editor John Thornhill investigates how Planet uses a fleet of tiny satellites to image every inch of the globe, and update it every 24 hours.

Planet Lab's Marshall on the Future of Space Exploration

Planet Labs CEO Will Marshall talks with Bloomberg's Ashlee Vance at The Year Ahead Summit at Bloomberg headquarters in New York about the future of space exploration and what it takes to ring the Earth with satellites.

Satellites the Size of a Shoe Box

US firm Planet Labs makes satellites you could hold in your hands, and has more in orbit than anyone else. "We thought that we could do space a little bit differently," says Planet Labs' co-founder, Will Marshall.

The All Seeing Eye in the Sky

Silicon Valley based startup Planet has one goal: to take a picture of the entire planet every day. To do that, they need to launch the largest number of satellites in human history. In this episode of Ventures, Bloomberg Businessweek's Ashlee Vance journeys to India to watch Planet's satellites hitch a ride on a rocket.

Satellites Help Predict North Korean Nuclear Tests

See how analysts at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies are using satellite imagery to understand ongoing nuclear missile tests.

Planet Labs Plan For Earth

Will Marshall from Planet Labs and Steve Jurvetson from DFJ talk at the Bloomberg Technology Conference about what all those tiny Planet Lab satellites are actually doing up there.

Will Marshall Addresses the UN

Will Marshall addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit. This address took place on September 27, 2015. Video: United Nations.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Planet participated in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Summit where we addressed heads of state on the power of open data and remote sensing to meet the global challenges set forth in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

CEO Will Marshall Dreamforce Keynote

Learn about satellites, big data and the Global Sensing Revolution. Planet CEO, Will Marshall, delivers an Innovation Keynote at Dreamforce 2015.

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