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Maritime and Coastal Monitoring from  Planet

Planet delivers a comprehensive view of the Earth’s strategic waterways and coastlines directly to your  desk.

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Planet for maritime

Monitor Ocean and Seas, Observe Coastlines, and Analyze Patterns of Life with  Planet

Planet’s satellite solutions provide unmatched coverage of the Earth’s waters. Government bodies, coast guards, border security, and environmental agencies can leverage Planet products to monitor ports and coastlines, detect and track vessels, and uncover suspicious activity in contested waters.

Daily Revisit

High cadence satellite images across maritime areas of interest

Comprehensive Coverage

Global coverage of ports and coastlines provided through a cloud-based platform

Efficient Access and Integration

Integrate Planet imagery into your tools and workflows with Planet’s APIs

Pair with Maritime Datasets

Integrate ocean imagery with your AIS feed

Satellite data provides maritime intelligence remotely, reducing the necessity for location-based surveying and giving insight into the movement of vessels in remote or difficult to reach areas at sea.

Areas of Access

We currently image a variety of open water areas around the world including the South China Sea, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, and other maritime areas of interest.

Vessel detection

Track and Observe the Movement of Maritime Vessels with Planet’s Automated Detection  Feed

Utilize Planet’s Vessel Detection Feed to automatically monitor ports and coastlines across the globe at 3.7-meter resolution. Leverage Planet’s satellite imaging and data analysis to detect maritime vessels, observe dark activity, protect against spoofing, and validate the AIS data of vessels.

Establish a Baseline of Port Activity

Monitor port activity for anomalies in ship count patterns or vessel behavior

Identify Traffic in AOI

Monitor ship movement within areas of strategic interest

Detect Suspicious Activity

Observe transshipments, detect unusual activity, and monitor vessels at near-daily frequency

Fill Data and Intelligence Gaps

Monitor vessels even in absence of AIS signals

March 27, 2016

Vessel detection in Port of Wonsan, North Korea.

Maritime satellite monitoring

Monitor Large and Remote Maritime Areas of Interest with Planet’s Range of Satellite  Solutions

Planet’s high cadence satellite monitoring and data analysis provides a consistent and complete overview of activity across your waters, ports, and coastlines. Through daily imaging, the nature and frequency of activity can be ascertained and responded to promptly.

Monitor Maritime Pollution

Identify spillage and pollutants in open waters

Protect Marine Conservation Areas

Patrol large areas of ocean remotely

Track Vessels Remotely

Monitor fishing boats, cargo ships, oil tankers, navy vessels, and transshipments

Monitor Illegal Activity

Track vessels used for illegal fishing, drug trafficking, and human trafficking

Explore planet products

Enhance Your Maritime Projects with Planet’s High-Frequency  Imagery

Planet provides geospatial data and satellite imagery for the monitoring of maritime areas through an easy-to-use, cloud-based system.

Planet Monitoring

Continuous view of any location on Earth’s coastlines

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Planet Tasking

Rapid revisit, global intelligence

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Planet Basemaps

Current, complete,
analysis-ready mosaics

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Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

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Planet’s Professional Services team provides a range of services to help government, commercial, and non-profit organizations integrate satellite technologies into their maritime strategies. Planet provides launch programs for onboarding and a range of workshops to build and advance knowledge about the Planet Platform.

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Planet Monitoring

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