Planet Partners

Unique solutions and regional sales



Planet’s network of trusted partners specialize in different industries and territories with the expertise to help customers with their specific needs. As a member of Planet’s Partner Network, we offer a broad selection of services, content, training and tools to win and retain those customers.


Developing and selling solutions, from Planet’s data

    These partnership types include:

  • Application Developer who build solutions on Planet datasets to develop algorithms and analytic products.
  • Ecosystem Developer who has their platform and wants to ensure data interoperability through Planet’s APIs.
  • System Integrators who integrate Planet content into customer’s internal systems.


Selling Planet’s data

    These partnership types include:

  • Representatives who bring business to Planet for a percentage of the sale.
  • Resellers who sell Planet’s products and offerings with a standard margin and minimum sales commitments.
  • Distributors who have their own network of Planet resellers, while also reselling for Planet; with a standard margin and minimum sales commitments.

Platinum Partners

We also have a unique type of partnership, which combines the creation and selling custom solution with the ability to sell Planet’s products and offerings. We refer to these as Platinum partners, who also have significant financial commitments that align to increased support and enablement.

To apply and for more information, please contact or your local Planet account executive.


Some benefits are unique to a specific type of partnership, however they all exist with the goal of making each partner successful in their market and industry.

  • Get access to the partner portal for all new sales content and training
  • Lead sharing and pipeline management via the partner portal
  • Take part in Planet’s training as we bring new offerings to market
  • Participate in Planet’s product roadmap
  • Receive the newest information to market and sell Planet’s products
  • Leverage the online documentation and code examples to build new solutions
  • Join Planet for workshops, events and webinars
  • Partner with Planet on co-branded success stories

Planet Reseller Program

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