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Information on imagery products and offerings

Below is the list of Planet’s imagery products and offerings that are available for resale. Please see your signed contract for more details.

Planet Offerings

Planet Monitoring Subscription Services

  • Standard Monitoring
  • High Resolution Monitoring

Planet Basemaps (Discrete Imagery and Subscription Services)

  • Planet Automated Basemap
  • Planet Automated Timelapse Basemap
  • Planet Basemap Web Service
  • Planet Enhanced Basemap (custom, PlanetScope imagery only)

Planet Products

Imagery (also often referred to as Discrete Imagery, which is the most recent set of imagery over an area, or as a history of imagery over an area, which we refer to as our imagery archive)

  • PlanetScope Imagery
  • Planet Imagery
  • SkySat Imagery

New offerings and products will be added to these lists as they become available.

Details of the scope and purpose of the licenses, orders and deliveries, and related licensing information is contained within your partner agreement with Planet. In some cases, you may not be able to sell certain products, or sell certain products in specific locations. Refer to your partner agreement for those details.

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