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SuperDove Flock 4 Art  Gallery

Planet is delighted to present the art launched on our Super Dove Flock 4 in January 2022. 80 artists responded to our call to draw art that was laser etched onto our Super Dove spacecrafts.

Every launch of our Dove satellites adds to our curated Low Earth Orbit art gallery - the largest exhibit in space! Over the last decade hundreds of illustrations by our employees, community, and resident artists have been drawn and laser etched onto the sides of nearly every spacecraft we fly.

We’re always looking for new art to fly. Participation is easy and a great activity for people of all ages.

To participate:

  • 1. Download our Art Submission PDF
  • 2. Add your unique art
  • 3. Submit your completed design via this form

Alexandra Constantinou

Alexandra Constantinou

Alexandra Constantinou

Alok Sharma

Amin Dezfuli

Amy Pearsall age 10

Amy Pearsall age 10

Amy Pearsall age 10

Andrew Sandberg

Anna Ryan

Ashley Matysiak

Ashley Matysiak

Brodrick Jones

Camila Campos

Caroline Juang

Christian McCarthy Johansen

Coral Lucinda Parker, age 4

Dan Clifford

Darrell Urban Black

Debarati Das

Delaney Icard-Cullen

Dr. Sian Proctor

Elisabeth Maillot - 10

Ellen Ratcliffe age 13

Evan Orange - 13

Everett Brown, Age 7


Frances Mesa

Fumika Hatanaka, age 5

Hannah Pratt

Hugo - age 4


Jannis Hell

Jannis Hell

Jannis Hell

Jeremy Kirshbaum

Joey (age 4) Fitzgerald


Katharine Hayhoe

Kelly and Nichole Matthews, Bones Leopard

Ken Ryan

Kiya Watt

Lana Curdoglo

Lawrence Starr

Liam Taylor, year 9

Lily McCormick Johnson, age 6

Lisa Huang-North

Lisa Huang-North

Lisa Hunakai Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Madeleine Smith

Madi Ryan

Marc Benioff

Mariana Curdoglo

Marine Morel - 10

Masaharu Hatanaka, age 7

Matteo B age 2 and Enzo B age 6 months and Salome B age 36 and Ryan B age 36

Nikita Rokotyan

Nina Tashjian


Orestis Herodotou

Pablo Hidalgo

Ser Jiménez

Peggy Lin Duthie

Peggy Lin Duthie

Quentin lebon - 14


Ryan (age 7) Fitzgerald

Sarah Pitcher-Campbell, Eagle Technology

Sunder Pichai

Tomoka Hatanaka age 9

Vivien naze - 9

Yuari Map

Yunan Ma

Zinnia Kuhlman

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