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Planet Artist In Residence Program

Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

Since its inception, Planet’s Artist in Residence Program has welcomed artists who work across a wide range of themes and mediums. Their work takes many forms and always inspires new ways of understanding our changing planet, making and encountering art, and fostering our collective stewardship of the Earth.

Each residency lasts for three months, during which time the Artist in Residence (AiR) is given access to select Planet data and resources and provided with a $2,000 USD stipend.

The residency is designed to be fun and productive. AiRs are encouraged, though not required, to think of ways to engage the Planet community in their work, and many artists have been invited by various Planet teams to participate in dialogues and observe projects.

Due to COVID-19, Planet’s Artist in Residence Program will be a virtual-first program in 2021.

Each residency includes the following elements:

  • Introductory presentation: A virtual introductory portfolio presentation is made by each artist in the first week of the residency.
  • Documentation: Participating artists document their process and workflow with photographs, notes, and Planet community blog posts, and archive their final works for the collective AiR portfolio.
  • Cultural participation: Artists are invited to be an active part of our organizational culture, and are invited to virtual events, launch parties and colloquia.
  • Final Presentation: A virtual event showcasing and explaining the final works produced, artist process, and workflow.

How to Apply:

Each applicant is requested to fill out the online application form and submit the following:

  • CV or resume of experience
  • Portfolio of relevant works, or website (12 - 20 pieces, typically)
  • A letter of intention/project proposal (1-2 Pages)

Applications are reviewed regularly and candidates are typically notified of the selection process outcome 4-6 weeks before the residency start. Our Residency Schedule is listed in our application portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are residencies open to international applicants or US citizens only?

  • We will consider international applicants who are 18 years of age or older.

What is the timeline for applying to the artist in residence?

  • Applications are reviewed regularly and candidates are typically notified 4-6 weeks before the residency start. Our Residency Schedule is listed in our application portal.

Who is best suited for the residency? Does my art need to be aerospace/earth imagery themed in order to be selected?

  • This residency is ideal for artists who want to explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary creative work, particularly around the themes of our changing planet and our changing relationship with it.
  • The residency is not restricted to artists working in any specific media.
  • We select participants based on the quality of their work, their personal commitment to Planet’s core values, and their ability to fulfill the residency requirements. Professional and emerging artists, and even students are encouraged to apply.
  • We look for hardworking, kind, and self-motivated artists who are not afraid to jump in and utilize the creative opportunities this experience permits.

What is the duration of the residency?

  • The residency lasts 3 months. We have found that this duration is the most impactful for both AiRs and the Planet community.

How large is the stipend?

  • Planet provides AiRs with a $2,000 stipend for the full residency.
  • The Artist will also receive an additional $6,000 if Planet purchases the final artwork itself.

Is the Artist in Residence an employee of Planet?

  • No. AiRs are not employees of Planet.

Who owns the works that the artists produce?

  • Residents own the copyright in any original work that they produce during the residency, with a limited license to Planet.
  • Planet may purchase the work (but not the copyright) for an additional fee.

What are the expected deliverables of the artists during and after the 3 month residency?

  • We expect AiRs to participate in all elements of the Residency listed in the Program Overview, above.

What art materials or supplies are provided by Planet?

  • The artist is responsible for their own digital and physical materials and supplies, as subsidized by the stipend.

Will the Planet staff be available to advise me on my projects and goals?

  • Program mentors will be available during the residency to guide the artist and introduce them to the teams of interest.

Can more than one artist apply for the residency jointly?

  • Yes, artists can apply in teams of up to 5 people. The stipend amount is not increased, and the team will have to designate a single payee.

Can I postpone my residency, extend or change the dates once I am accepted?

  • During the application process, Planet works hard to ensure that residencies are scheduled in a manner that works for the artists who are selected. Given the strong interest in the program, rescheduling is extremely difficult, as it typically comes at the expense of other accepted artists.
  • Planet expects selected artists to attend the residency in its entirety.
  • All residents must formally reapply if they want to change dates or return to the program, and readmittance is not guaranteed.
  • If an artist can not attend after they have been selected and scheduled, the artist may not defer and must decline the award.

Who do I contact with more questions?

  • Email: AiR@planet.com