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Code of Ethics


Planet’s goal is to use space to help life. Our Code of Ethics (the “Code”), summarized below, is one way in which we aspire to put our values into practice. Adherence to this Code allows us to operate with integrity, hire great people, retain a strong cultural identity, build great products, attract loyal customers, and achieve a positive global impact.

Business Ethics Principles:

  • Anti-Corruption and Conflicts of Interest:

    We do not permit or tolerate any improper payments, undue influences or material conflicts of interest of any kind with respect to prospective customers, re-sellers, end-users, prospective employees, or vendors.

  • Global Trade, Import/Export:

    We diligently adhere to international trade laws and regulations.

  • Data Privacy & Confidentiality:

    We safeguard personal data & protect confidential Company and customer information.

  • Equality & Non-discrimination:

    We think upholding our Code, values and ethos in large affairs begins with ethical conduct in small affairs — in doing the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking. We also think it resides in creating and protecting a culture where we remain tough on ideas but fair with people.

  • Positive Environment:

    We maintain a positive and respectful work environment.

  • Fair Competition and Business Practices:

    We vigorously compete for all business and win contracts based on the value of our products and services.

  • Hiring:

    We hire based on merit and alignment with the company’s mission and values.

  • Conflicts of Interest:

    We avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Intellectual Property:

    We are dedicated to innovation and taking a conscientious attitude towards IP protections.

  • Compliance with Domestic and Applicable International Law:

    Planet respects and seeks to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Planet’s Global Impact:

    We aim to have a positive impact on life on Earth, are supportive of organisations supporting this goal, minimize our own environmental impacts and respect the space environment.

  • Ethical Process:

    We maintain clear, documented processes that enable all employees to file ethical matters of concern for review, either confidentially or anonymously, and an independent ethics committee which investigates these matters and makes findings and recommendations available to the rest of the leadership team and the CEO.

  • Ethical Partnership:

    We seek to work with vendors, partners, and service providers who adopt similar business ethics principles.

Data Ethics Principles::

  • Equal Access and Non-Exclusivity:

    We seek to ensure within reason that as many users as possible, from as many sectors as possible – government, industry, NGOs, academia, and individuals – can access our data so that it may benefit all. Under no circumstance will we give exclusive access of data to any one party nor exclude publication to our data catalogue.

  • Accuracy and Explainability:

    We strive to deliver data and analytics that are accurate and documented to the best of our ability, and to ensure their veracity.

  • Traceability:

    We screen our users and seek to understand the chain of ownership and how our data is being used.

  • Human Rights and Well-Being:

    We encourage the use of our data to promote inclusive human well-being and development, and work to minimize its potential for harm, abuse, violations of human rights, aggression or violence.

  • Ecological Well-Being:

    We encourage the use of our data to foster a healthy, thriving environment for all life on Earth.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    We recognize that data and AI are evolving rapidly, and so we seek to continuously evaluate our ethical practices to improve them.

  • Ethical Partnership:

    We seek to work with customers and partners who adopt similar data ethics principles.