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Planet’s goal is to use space to help life on Earth. Our Code of Ethics (the “Code”), summarized below, is one way in which we put our values into practice. Adherence to this Code allows us to operate with integrity, hire great people, retain a strong cultural identity, build innovative products, attract loyal customers, and achieve a positive global impact.

How Planet Treats the Workplace:

We believe that bettering the world around us begins within our own workforce. Each Planeteer carries the responsibility and duty to maintain a respectful and welcoming community at work.

  1. Safe & Respectful.

    We maintain a workplace where all people feel valued, heard, recognized and appreciated for their contributions. A safe workforce encourages collaboration and trust among teammates, allowing everyone to do their best work. We also maintain our employee’s safety by ensuring that their private personal information is secured in accordance with applicable laws.

  2. Inclusive.

    We believe that a strong, dynamic workplace only exists where people with diverse backgrounds and experiences are empowered to share their values and perspectives, challenge themselves with new ideas, and think critically on difficult questions. We seek to maintain a culture where we are tough on ideas, but fair with people.

  3. Active & Healthy.

    We promote exercise, healthy eating choices and a mentally healthy workplace, because people’s well-being should always come first.

  4. Creative.

    We welcome challenges with open arms, believing that complex problems foster bold solutions and groundbreaking innovation. By working collectively and by tolerating risk, we push the boundaries of established technological and operational norms.

  5. Productive.

    To reach deadlines and achieve goals that ultimately serve our customers and partners, Planet supports flexible work schedules, locations, and working styles to ensure that Planeteers are able to work in the ways which are most productive and successful for them and their teams.

  6. Open.

    We believe that open communication across all levels of the company fosters trust and collaboration. We also maintain clear, documented processes that enable all employees to file ethical matters of concern for review, either confidentially or anonymously, and an independent ethics committee which investigates these matters and makes findings and recommendations available to the rest of the leadership team and the CEO. We do not tolerate any form of retaliatory action against employees who speak out against unethical or unprofessional business conduct, or against those employees who assist in investigating such conduct.

How Planet Conducts Business:

We believe that integrity and honesty are critical in business decisions, and that there is nothing to be gained from cutting corners. We maintain and strengthen bonds with customers and the greater public through ethical decision making.

  1. Compete Fairly.

    • Follow Trade Regulations.
      We diligently adhere to international trade laws and regulations, including import and export controls, rules regarding trade restricted entities, honest communications with government officials, and timely responses to requests for information.

    • Prevent Corruption and Conflicts of Interest.
      We do not permit or tolerate any improper payments, undue influence, or material conflicts of interest of any kind, whether with respect to prospective customers, re-sellers, end-users, prospective employees, vendors, or otherwise. We also do not allow our employees to use their position at Planet or relationship with our partners for their own personal gain, including accepting financial benefits, gifts, or favors.

    • Respect Intellectual Property Rights.
      We vigorously protect our own intellectual property. We recognize our own innovative spirit and utilize necessary means to protect our own discoveries and proprietary information and expect that our intellectual property be treated with fairness. We do not tolerate illegal use of intellectual property or confidential information.

  2. Fair Hiring Practices.

    We hire based on a candidate’s merit and alignment with the company’s mission and values. We do not discriminate in employment on the basis of national origin, race, religion, gender (including pregnancy and gender identity), political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, parental status, or any other non-merit factor.

  3. Ecological Commitment.

    We strive to be leaders in the community on environmental preservation. Whether it be supporting environmental efforts with our data, acting to mitigate space debris, or individually conserving resources in our offices, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We require any affirmative commitment from all partners and clients to comply with applicable laws.

  4. Humanitarian Commitment.

    We seek to use our data in ways which promote human well-being and improve human living conditions. Our partners may not use our products to further actions that sponsor harm, abuse, aggression, violence, or other violations of human rights.

  5. Truthful Media Communications.

    We ensure that the company’s external communications do not misrepresent or distort the truth; that they are honest and objective with the facts, to allow for others to draw their own conclusions.

What Planet Strives for in Its Products:

We set out from our beginning to do good in the world by creating an accessible and fair product for a broad range of customers. As we broaden and deepen the capabilities of our product, we maintain our commitment to those founding principles.

  1. Private and Confidential.

    We are transparent about how our customers’ data is handled. We safeguard data and confidential customer information, complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

  2. Equal & Non-Exclusive.

    Other than as restricted by law, our data and tools are available to all who can benefit from them. We take a strong stance against providing exclusive access to data, which could lead to misrepresentation of facts.

  3. Accurate & Explainable.

    We provide a streamlined data delivery pipeline that is accurate, current, and reliable.

  4. Traceable.

    We are careful to monitor the downstream usage of our data. We seek to understand the intended chain of ownership and proposed usage of our products to screen for unethical or illegal uses.

  5. Usable.

    We work tirelessly to improve the quality of our products to provide real value to our partners. We dedicate substantial resources to develop and train automated algorithms to provide deeper meaning and analysis that is faster, smarter, and more flexible.

  6. Reflect Planet’s Values.

    We seek partners, vendors, and customers who adopt similar ethical principles, and who wish to do good for the world, for humanity, and for one another- especially in areas with significant political, economic, environmental, and social challenges. We will not allow our data to assist in, or otherwise contribute to, actions which will degrade our ethos or violate our policies.

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