Code of Ethics


Planet’s goal is to use space to help life. Our Code of Ethics (the “Code”), summarized below, is one way in which we aspire to put our values into practice. Adherence to this Code allows us to operate with integrity, hire great people, retain a strong cultural identity, build great products, attract loyal customers, and achieve a positive global impact.


    We do not permit or tolerate any improper payments of any kind.

    Planet complies with all applicable government enacted laws, rules, and regulations governing how organizations conduct business with them, and we adhere to all terms and conditions of any government contract to which we are a party.


    We diligently follow international trade laws.

    Employees involved in cross-border business are expected to comply with all trade sanctions and embargoes imposed by any jurisdiction in which we do business, as well complying with applicable customs and import/export laws and regulations.


    We safeguard personal data & protect confidential Company and customer information.

    We take data privacy very seriously at Planet and are committed to protecting employee and customer data as set forth in the Company’s Privacy Policy.

    Employees and contractors are required to keep all information, including financial, product, and user information, learned from the Company and/or its customers in confidence in strict accordance with the confidentiality agreements signed by each.


    We maintain a respectful work environment.

    We think upholding our Code, values and ethos in large affairs begins with ethical conduct in small affairs — in doing the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking. We also think it resides in creating and protecting a culture where we remain tough on ideas but fair with people.


    We vigorously compete for all business.

    We win customers based on the strength of our products and services and not by disparaging our competitors or soliciting or using protected information from our competitors.


    We hire based on merit.

    We hire based on merit alone and will not accept any discrimination in the workplace (hiring or otherwise) based on race, color, national origin, religion, citizenship status, sex, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law.


    We avoid conflicts of interest.

    All employees are expected to avoid situations that cast doubt as to whether or they are acting in the best interests of the Company and are expected to be transparent and promptly disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the legal department.


    We are dedicated to innovation and taking a conscientious attitude towards IP protections.


    We aim to have a positive impact on life on Earth and to respect space.

    The core aim of Planet is to have a positive impact – to uphold our responsibilities as stewards of our planet. Whilst ensuring our ability to remain a viable business, and subject to compliance with laws, we promote the access to Planet’s data to all people of the world and encourage its use in furtherance of social welfare, sustainable development, protection of the biosphere and scientific insight wherever possible.

    We are committed to the peaceful and responsible use of space, and aspire to go above and beyond in use of space in a safe way, including with respect to orbital space debris via careful tracking, control, deorbiting and collision avoidance of orbital assets.