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Planet Licensing Information  Center

All of Planet’s licensing terms and product terms of service in one  location.

Current Terms

Look up terms in our General Definitions (version 2023.3).

The Master Content License Agreement (version 2023.3) applies to all Order Schedules, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Planet.

Please note that if your Order Schedule includes attached exhibits or otherwise directly links to a specific agreement and/or terms of service those terms will continue to apply to that Order Schedule.

Product and Services Specific Terms

In addition, some Planet products and services have additional product terms of service:

PlanetScope Monitoring (AUM AND HUM) Global Country Tier List | version 2023.1

Pleiades End User License Agreement (Not applicable for SentinelHub purchases) | version 2023.1

Professional Services Terms | version 2023.2

Sentinel Hub Processing Units | Published and Effective as of August 14, 2023

SkySat Assured Tasking Terms of Service | version 2022.2

SkySat Flexible Tasking Terms of Service | version 2023.1

SPOT End User License Agreement (Not applicable for SentinelHub purchases) | version 2023.1

SPOT & Pleiades Terms of Service (MCLA does not apply; not applicable for SentinelHub purchases) | version 2023.1

Supplemental Terms

All users are subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Information about Support Plans can be found at

US Government Terms

Planet’s General Services Administration (GSA) terms | Contract Number: GS-35F-309GA
Period Covered by Contract: March 22, 2022 – March 21, 2027 | Current through Modification Refresh 15

Addendum for Planet Labs USG Related Business | version 2023.1

Additional Resources

Are you a Planet vendor, partner or advisor? Please review our Supplier and Business Partner Code of Conduct (version 2022.1).

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