Kori Kollo Mine May 24, 2016

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Planet operates the largest fleet of earth-imaging satellites. Our frequent, broad-coverage imagery is ready to support your humanitarian, environmental, and business needs.


Circular fields in Morrow county, Oregon (USA). Detailed in-field information can be extracted from imagery taken during the growing season.

Crop Health, Asset Productivity, Precision Farming

Monitor fields, identify changes, and make smart farming decisions using both in-season and archived satellite imagery. Planet Monitoring for Agriculture offers a wealth of high resolution imagery over your areas of interest. From regional to national to global.

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"The temporal cadence and resolution of Planet’s imagery is enabling us to do things we never could have done with legacy remote sensing data. It’s incredibly exciting."

Mark Johnson

CEO, Co-Founder, Descartes Labs

"I think one of the most important things for our growers and agronomists is timely and accurate information. The more information we have and the better the quality of the information, the better predictions, and prescriptions, we can make. Having a provider like Planet to give us that revisit time every few days so that we can take action and provide accurate data at a five meter resolution is invaluable to FarmersEdge, and more importantly, it’s critical to the work of growers in the field."

Kevin Grant

CTO, FarmersEdge

Defense & Intelligence

Fiery Cross Reef, Spratly Islands, South China Sea. Captured on Jan 4, 2016

Situational awareness, global activity, patterns of life

Gain insight into daily activity across our ever-changing world. See ships move, monitor infrastructure development and track resources globally.

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Energy & infrastructure

Coyote Creek Mine, North Dakota

The Coyote Creek and Beulah mines are located about 8 miles from Beulah, ND.

As Coyote Creek Mine came into production, the Beulah Mine continued to produce 500,000 tons of coal per year for the MDU-Heskett Station, and reclaim previously-mined areas.

Focus on the images taken one day apart (November 10th and 11th, 2016): They show Coyote Creek’s dragline in motion, while the dragline at the Beulah Mine remains stationary. The Beulah Mine winds down operations after losing the contract to supply coal to the Coyote Generating Station. In addition to the moving dragline, trucks are visible on the road to Coyote Generating Station in this PlanetScope image from November 11, 2016.

"Remote sensing data provided by Planet’s satellites has given us a huge advantage in agricultural and land use monitoring. We look forward to ultra-high revisit rates that Planet will be hitting soon. We believe it will be the start of a new era for earth observation, and we are very excited."

Qiuhua Wu

CEO, Earthstar China.

Finance & Business Intelligence

Ship Counting
Botany Bay, Australia
Track ships with up-to-date imagery

Take advantage of Planet’s cloud-based data infrastructure. Our robust API allows for easy integration into your existing applications and workflows. Use our online browser to quickly search and discover needed imagery. Combine our dataset with others for even more powerful insights.

  • Train software with a massive imagery archive that’s updated daily
  • Develop change detection and tip-and-cue algorithms


Coniferous forest patch in Brandenburg state (Germany) affected by a nun moth plague. The forest vitality index extracted from Planet imagery represents different levels of damage (green tones represent high vitality; red and blue tones represent the damaged areas.)

Forest Health Monitoring, Illegal Logging Tracking, Forestry Operations Planning

Planet is revolutionizing the access to information about the status of forests worldwide. Spot illegal logging, monitor the health status of forest assets and make forestry operations more efficient.

"Our customers are deeply interested in a monitoring capability that images everywhere, every day - no matter how remote, dangerous or desolate the location. Planet is the only imagery provider that is pursuing this everywhere, every day capability with up to date imagery and a rapid revisit rate."

Stephen A. Wood

CEO, AllSource Analysis

Civil Government

Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. May 23, 2016.

Understand Growth, Monitor Natural Disasters, Heighten Regional Awareness

Improve transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement by building Planet’s frequently-updated imagery into your geospatial tools. See urban growth, and track unpermitted building. Better manage regional transportation budgets, land use policy, and economic development plans.

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Image of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and surroundings where different types of landscape elements can be seen. Recent, broad-area, high-resolution imagery is the perfect foundation to create and update cartography over regions and countries (Map source: MapQuest.)

Base Maps, Land Use, Cartography & GIS

Add a time axis to your maps. Create maps that reflect our rapidly-changing world by building them with Planet’s frequently-updated, globally consistent imagery. Our fresh data reveals changing land use, new road construction, urban development, and more, ensuring maps are accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.

Social Impact

In the Thames Estuary, 175 wind turbines make up the London Array—the world’s largest offshore wind farm. The turbines range from 85—100 meters in height and collectively generate 2,500 GWh annually.

Disaster Response, Water & Food Security, Environmental Monitoring

Planet’s imagery illuminates enviornmental restoration projects, carbon emissions management, and water security, as well as provides critical intelligence for disaster response, crisis management, and humanitarian aid.

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What People Are Saying

"We are currently building tools on top of Planet’s API, experimenting with different applications for this data across a range of industries."

Adam Smith

CEO | Geoplex

"Planet’s ability to image the planet on a frequent basis is unprecedented. Our team is excited to use this to develop new products and services."

Jeff Lovin

Director of Geospatial Services | Woolpert

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