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Automated, accessible, scalable


Planet’s automated, cloud-based imagery and analytics platform downloads, processes, and manages 15+ terabytes of data every day.

Built for speed and flexibility, our platform enables customers to efficiently access, discover, and build solutions at scale.

Automated imagery processing

Leverage Planet’s high-frequency imagery at the speed of change and in the formats you prefer. Planet’s automated pipeline delivers analysis-ready data, without costly post-processing or manual intervention needed on your side.
  • Orthorectification removes collection geometry, pointing error, and terrain variability distortions
  • Radiometric corrections correct for sensor artifacts and transformation to at-sensor radiance
  • Top- and bottom-of-atmosphere corrections reduce spectral inconsistency across time and location
Move the slider bar to compare Planet's surface reflectance product (left) and top-of-atmosphere reflectance product (right) in adjacent captures by the same satellite.

API search and download

Programmatically search, download, and transform data from with Planet’s API, built on REST, JSON, and HTTP standards.
  • Ingest the imagery and associated GeoJSON metadata you need
  • Build atop Planet’s API and easily integrate imagery into your tools and applications
  • Get notifications when new imagery appears in the catalog
  • Deliver imagery directly to your cloud
  "type": "AndFilter",
  "config": [
      "field_name": "acquired",
      "type": "DateRangeFilter",
      "config": {
        "gte": "2017-01-01T00:00:00Z"
      "field_name": "cloud_cover",
      "type": "RangeFilter",
      "config": {
        "lte": 0.1

Direct integration with leading geospatial platforms

Planet directly integrates with a range of geospatial software, so you can combine Planet
imagery with your authoritative content and analysis environments.

Access Planet imagery within Esri ArcGIS
Pro, the leading GIS software.

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Access Planet imagery within QGIS, the
leading open source geospatial platform.

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Access Planet imagery within Google Earth Engine, a leading platform for Earth science data and analysis

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