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The Planet Platform

Faster insights. Seamless processing. All online.

Speed Matters

To solve the challenges of your business, you need to extract actionable information from satellite imagery, and you need to do it fast. The Planet Platform is the most advanced, cloud-based imagery platform available. Designed to be uncommonly fast, intuitive, and highly scalable, the Planet Platform delivers daily, high-resolution imagery from Planet’s satellites and other key providers. It passes the imagery through a fully automated processing pipeline, makes it available to you online, and provides you with APIs and browser-based tools to quickly find and extract the information you need.


The Planet Platform is the first fully automated image processing pipeline to match a daily global monitoring mission. The Platform seamlessly downloads, transfers to the cloud, ortho-rectifies and processes more than 5 terabytes of data per day. That means fast, affordable data processing that can globally scale.


Programmatically search our catalogs and download imagery from different sources.
It is based on accepted standards for REST, JSON, and HTTP.

Search QuicklyDiscovery imagery from our global archive and daily stream of PlanetScope and RapidEye imagery, as well as Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 data.
Download FastGet only the imagery you need along with all the metadata - both GeoJSON and XML.
Build EasilyUse the Planet API to build your own applications on top of it and access Planet Imagery through them.
Integrate SeamlesslyYou can easily integrate Planet imagery with your own applications and workflows.
Get NotificationsDefine an area of interest and get alerts whenever new imagery appeas in the catalog.


If you just want to go straight to the imagery, Planet Explorer is your choice. Built on top of our API and designed to handle large datasets efficiently, our simple and intuitive online toolset lets you discover and download Planet imagery directly from your web browser. With lots of features, Planet Explorer is the simplest way to see the latest satellite imagery.

MetadataPreview the key metadata of your imagery
Multiple Search CriteriaDefine your searches using different parameters
Full ResolutionSee full-resolution web tiles over your area of interest*
Global PreviewSee preview web tiles across the entire Planet dataset**

(*) Only for users with download permission.
(**) For all users.


All the planet imagery that our satellites collect lives online. The Planet Platform is built to ingest 150 million km2 of imagery each day - more daily coverage than any other service. Whether you need fresh insights from yesterday or look back a few years, you will find it in the same place.


Make Planet your source for imagery data. Integrate our APIs and tile server into your existing tools and workflows.

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