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Planet Platform

An automated, accessible, scalable, and API-first satellite imagery platform from  Planet.

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What It Is

Access and Integrate Satellite Imagery and Data Using Planet  Platform

Planet Platform is an entirely automated, cloud-based imagery and analytics platform that provides access to the comprehensive, daily dataset captured by the PlanetScope and SkySat constellations.


8 bands, 3.7m spatial resolution, captured by Planet’s Dove constellation


RGB, NIR, and pan bands, 0.5 spatial resolution

How It Can  Help

Planet Platform Provides Satellite Insights Directly to You at the Speed of  Change

Built for scale, speed, and flexibility, the cloud-based platform provides efficient access to Planet’s satellite data, enabling customers to run analytics and build solutions at scale.

Explore Imagery

Understand change with an unprecedented dataset of every location on Earth

Gain Insights

Model data to understand trends, predict change, and discover your competitive edge

Connect and Build

Work with Planet data in the applications and workflows of your choice

Make Informed Decisions

Daily imagery enables strategic, timely decision making across industries

Built using the latest components of the consumer electronics industry and open source software, the Planet Platform has redefined the Earth imaging pipeline to deliver insights directly to you at rapid speed.

How It’s Used

Planet Platform Provides Industries and Individuals with Efficient Access to Satellite  Data

Automated Imagery Processing

Planet’s automated processing pipeline delivers analysis-ready data directly to you in the format of your choice.

  • Orthorectification removes collection geometry, pointing error, and terrain variability distortions
  • Radiometric corrections correct for sensor artifacts and transformation to at-sensor radiance
  • Top- and bottom-of-atmosphere corrections reduce spectral inconsistency across time and location

Comparison between Planet’s surface reflectance product (left) and top-of-atmosphere reflectance product (right) in adjacent captures by the same satellite.

API Search and  Download

Programmatically search, download, and transform data with Planet’s API, built on REST, JSON, and HTTP standards.

  • Ingest the imagery and associated GeoJSON metadata you need
  • Build atop Planet’s API and easily integrate imagery into your tools and applications
  • Get notifications when new imagery appears in the catalog
  • Deliver imagery directly to your cloud


Planet Platform Directly Integrates with Leading Geospatial  Platforms



Access Planet imagery within Esri ArcGIS Pro, the leading GIS software.

Get Started with Esri


Access Planet imagery within QGIS, the leading open source geospatial platform.

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine

Access Planet imagery within Google Earth Engine, a leading platform for Earth science data and analysis

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Discover How Others Incorporate Planet Platform into their  Workflow


Access High-Resolution Imagery and Timely from Diverse Geographies with Planet  Platform

Have a question about Planet data and machine-learning powered analytics? Get in touch to discover how Planet Platform can help you turn satellite imagery into actionable insights for your industry.

Planet Monitoring

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