Planet Subprocessors

Effective May 25, 2018

Third Parties

Planet uses third-party subprocessors for infrastructure services, customer support, and email notifications. Planet evaluates their privacy, security and confidentiality practices, and executes agreements implementing applicable obligations prior to engaging subprocessors.

  •, Inc., USA
  • Intercom, Inc., USA
  • Mixpanel, Inc., USA
  • Zapier, Inc., USA
  • Inc., USA
  • The Rocket Science Group LLC, USA
  • Looker Data Sciences, Inc., USA
  • Google LLC, USA
  • Amazon Web Services, Inc., USA
  • Dropbox, Inc., USA
  • Twilio Inc., USA
  • Zendesk, Inc., USA
  • DocuSign, Inc., USA
  • NetSuite Inc., USA
  • Microsoft Corporation, USA

Planet Subsidiaries

Planet may also engage one or more of the following Planet subsidiaries as subprocessors to deliver products and services to clients.

  • Planet Labs Germany GmbH, Germany
  • Planet Labs Netherlands B.V., The Netherlands
  • Planet Labs Geomatics Corp., Canada