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Planet Subprocessors

Effective May 25, 2018

Third Parties

Planet uses third-party subprocessors for infrastructure services, customer support, and email notifications. Planet evaluates their privacy, security and confidentiality practices, and executes agreements implementing applicable obligations prior to engaging subprocessors.

  • Segment.io, Inc., USA
  • Intercom, Inc., USA
  • Mixpanel, Inc., USA
  • Zapier, Inc., USA
  • Salesforce.com Inc., USA
  • The Rocket Science Group LLC, USA
  • Looker Data Sciences, Inc., USA
  • Google LLC, USA
  • Amazon Web Services, Inc., USA
  • Dropbox, Inc., USA
  • Twilio Inc., USA
  • Zendesk, Inc., USA
  • DocuSign, Inc., USA
  • NetSuite Inc., USA
  • Microsoft Corporation, USA
  • Mailchimp Inc, USA
  • Stripe LLC, USA
  • E2Open Inc, USA
  • Marketo, Inc, USA

Planet Subsidiaries

Planet may also engage one or more of the following Planet subsidiaries as subprocessors to deliver products and services to clients.

  • Planet Labs Germany GmbH, Germany
  • Planet Labs Netherlands B.V., The Netherlands
  • Planet Labs Geomatics Corp., Canada