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the Next Generation of PlanetScope Monitoring

Every day presents a new opportunity to see change, get a fresh perspective, and mitigate risk. Planet offers global daily satellite data and insights for anticipating what’s  next.

Next-Generation PlanetScope

Insights at the Pace of Daily  Change

Get robust, near-real-time data to quickly understand what’s happening, act decisively, and capture your next opportunity.

The next generation of PlanetScope Monitoring is designed to provide visibility into events as they unfold, with deep data delivered directly into your workstreams at a global scale.


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Satellite Monitoring Provides Crucial and Continuous Information from  Space

December 4, 2020

Shipping Slowdown - San Francisco Bay, California, USA

Complete Coverage

Quarterly or monthly snapshots can be insufficient for keeping up with rapidly changing economic and environmental conditions.

With a fully upgraded SuperDove satellite fleet that images Earth’s landmass every day, you have complete coverage, even over broad and remote areas.

Closely monitor trends, detect unusual activity, and make efficient use of higher resolution assets, like SkySat or drones, to get a comprehensive picture.

Scale Fast

Less time processing imagery equals more time for generating insights. That requires clean, consistent, and reliable data.

Quantity of data combined with higher quality is a recipe for scale. We deliver both.

By applying the latest software advances to raw sensor data, Planet is delivering best-in-class PlanetScope data with fewer artifacts and inconsistencies between day-to-day observations.

PlanetScope data is harmonized with Copernicus Sentinel-2, making it easier to draw on multiple datasets to amplify your analysis.

This pair of true-color images shows the impact of improved band-to-band alignment on an image of Aosta, Italy—a difficult area due to the steep surrounding topography. The changes enhance perceived sharpness and improve the accuracy of algorithms that rely on ratios of brightness between bands.

PlanetScope Monitoring now offers eight spectral bands for characterizing finer-scale change at global scale.

Richer Insights

Characterize fine-scale change with spectrally rich PlanetScope data. The addition of four spectral bands to PlanetScope Monitoring enables nuanced analysis of everything from predicting crop yields, to detecting land cover change, and more.

Discover how additional bands drive groundbreaking use cases.

Easier Access for Everyday  Use

Streamline your operations with richer, more consistent PlanetScope data in the software and workflows that you use on a daily basis.

We’re making it easier to search and order imagery across our platform – from APIs to integrations to Planet Explorer – so that the greatest number of people can get the information they need, when they need it.

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